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Jim Stynes
Whenever you fail a test you can bury your head in the sand and pretend it never
happened. Or you can get up and try to do something about it. At the time, it might seem like the worst thing that ever happened to you, but the harder you work the more sense the challenge you faced seems to make. I got up after a big fall and Ive never looked back. "- Jim Stynes

Early Life
Jim Stynes was born on the 23 of April, 1966, in Dublin, Ireland. As a kid, Stynes went to De La Salle College Churchman, in Dublin, Ireland. Jim is the son of Brian and Teresa Stynes. He was one of six children along with, Sharon, Brian, Terri-Ann, David and Dearbhla. Jim had attended Ballyroan Boys School and as an eight year old, he had his first taste of competition in football. At nine years old, he started playing Gaelic football with his local school. He also started playing rugby for his school.

Jim Stynes Family: Mother: Samantha Stynes Father: Jim Stynes Son: Tiernan Stynes Daughter: Matisse Stynes

AFL Life
Jim had always wanted to play football. He was a part of Ron Barassis Irish Experiment where Stynes had got put in the position of ruckman Even though he finished second in the best and fairest he still didnt give up. In one of his first int raclub practice matches, which was coached by Peter Keenan, educated him on how to play the position of ruckman and his success unfortunately he didnt passed the under 19s to get into the senior games. After playing 12 games in the under 19s one of the people in the senior team dropped out and h got the role of ruckman permanently. As the finals were happening and Stynes kicking the last goal of the season, he was chosen to go to Australia and played there. He had toured Ireland for one more year and then leave to Australia. As much as Stynes loved to help others, he would also play football as the time as playing ruckman. One of Stynes first achievements was when he had won the Brownlow medal in 1991, as followed to 1994, 1995 and 1997, he had also got it. As so, in 1994, Stynes had also co-founded The Reach Foundation with Paul Currie. It is mostly for kids between 10-18 years old and the purpose is to share stories honestly. Stynes biggest achievement would be (in his words) his record breaking of 244 consecutive games between Round 17 in 1997 and Round 4 in 1998. Also between those two years he became the only non-Australian in the AFL. A couple of years later, in 2001 and 2003, Stynes had won Victorian of the Year. In 2004, Jims business life, led him to form Pelican and Pengui n.

Life after AFL career

Stynes had been a role model to others by helping people in the need to talk about things that people couldnt talk about. As he had married Samantha Stynes and had two kids named Matisse and Tiernan, he had helped them through everything. Stynes wanted to do stuff that was good to everyone.

Cancer and Death

On the 1 of July, Jim was diagnosed with skin cancer. 3 days later Stynes woke up in hospital and watch the Demons defeat West Coast. th Then hoping for doctors to save his life. Unfortunately on the 19 of March, 2012, the champion Jim Stynes had died, Stynes will always be in our hearts.

Jim Stynes