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OBJECTIVE 40% (in capital letters write the word TRUE or the word FALSE before each sentence)

A. General _____1. Rizals real surname was Mercado; his fathers name was Fernando Mercado _____2. Jose Rizal was the only Filipino who deserved to be called national hero. _____3. Pepe had many brothers, and he got along with most of them. _____4. Dr. Jose Rizal wrote mostly in Tagalog because he really loved our language. _____5. He liked very much the teaching methods of the University of Sto. Tomas especially in science. B. Early Years _____1. When one of his slippers fell into the water, Pepe Rizal kept the other one. _____2. His mother was made to suffer by making her walk barefoot on a stoney road for a long distance. _____3. He chose the word Rizal which pertains to the color light-green. _____4. Most stories from his childhood proved him to be special; some stories showed him to be ordinary. _____5 Early in his life, Rizal won in a singing contest with a group of Calamba Boys. C. Trip to Europe _____1. Rizal went only to Spain and stayed there for less than one year. _____2. When two Filipinos won 1st and 2nd prize in an essay-writing contest, Rizal was very glad. _____3. He wanted to be a doctor so he could cure the sick eyes of his sweetheart who was a distant cousin. _____4. He was shy and had very few friends in Europe. _____5. He copied by hand, and later annotated the book of Ferdinand Blumentritt about the Filipinos.