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Job Purpose To provide scribing and HAZOP worksheet generation support to RasGas and the HAZOP Facilitator for

HAZOP sessions. Record HAZOP documentation and communication in conjunction with the HAZOP being performed under supervising the HAZOP Facilitator. General Roles and Responsibilities Document the HAZOP dossier support are in place and accessible during the study session. Ensure that the HAZOP worksheet format is suitable for the purposes using the agreed HAZOP software. Prepare preliminary re-HAZOP worksheets using the previous worksheets if the HAZOP scope is same. Scribe the HAZOP session and take necessary notes, if any. Edit the worksheets and maintain consistency in the entire HAZOP documentation. Ensure that the draft HAZOP worksheets are distributed in timely manner. Manage HAZOP record in proper format. Knowledge, Experiences and Academic Background Desired expertise: fully conversant with HAZOP software (e.g. PHAWork, etc.) Minimum 5 times as a HAZOP Scribe in full time major HAZOP session (more than 1 month session) Good written and oral communication skills in English. Good adaptability to multinational environment, with wide exposure to various cultures and customs. Good interpersonal skills and ability to work as a team member. Must be a self-starter with good problem solving skills Minimum Education: Diploma or Bachelor of Engineering preference in Chemical Engineering or having operation experience in major Oil and Gas facility as the competitive edge.