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POCKET ieee O MUSICAL TERMS Concise definitions of terms and phrases in general use in music together with a treatise on the rudiments of music Compiled and Edited by OSCAR COON a CARL FISCHER, Inc. 0677 62 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003 Copyright 1905 By CARL FISCHER, New York MUSICAL NOTATION. Musical sounds are represented upon ‘paper by signs called notes, which are written upon five lines and the’ spaces between them. These lines and spaces are called the staff or stave: Staff or Stave: lines. spaces. With notes or When notes are writt bov. added lines are’, zr en above or below the staff, leger or Lines above: — = = Staff: Lines below: — = With notes > 2 _ 9 le The notes are named from the letters of the alphabet: A, B. Cc, D, E, F, G. A sign called a clef is placed at the beginning of the staff and determines the name and position of the notes. Two clefs are in general use, the treble or G clef, and the bass or F clef. The G clef is placed upon the second line of the staff. & Im