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Good, Please follow this direction.

: Dolapo A : 2012 3 6 17:17 : Louis; 'Akeredolu Kunle David'; hamidumair@huawei.com; richard ui : Olufemi Oludare; Onyewuchi Onyeaghala; Eruaye Anthony; RUTH IHUNANYA; Ibrahim Gumel; Salu Olakunle; Efosa Aigbe; Zhangyu (Octor); Tolulope Otasanya : RE: PRS weekly report

Hello team, Please follow below link for PRS server installation 1. From Web page, input (note that you have to be on MTN LAN to access this link) 2. Install server, 3. Log in with Username: Administrator Password: 7609zm1@ Going forward, we will resume sending the weekly report to customer as before. It will work this way, Every week I will generate this weekly report from the PRS server and send out to the team, the owner of the RNC will analyze the worst cells, put some action point and the date escalated and send back to me. The worst cell throughput, IUB utilization, CE utilization reports will also be computed weekly as before. I expect to receive the already computed worst cell report on Mondays before COB. I have attached a sample of the old weekly report so the RNC owners can see an example. For this week, please complete the worst cell sheet and send to me before noon on Thursday. See also summary of responsibility below Task Responsible Latest date submission Query Weekly report from PRS Server and send Dolapo Friday out to team Weekly Worst cell analysis for ABHRNC1 and Louis Monday ABHRNC2 Weekly Worst cell analysis for IBHRNC1 and David Monday IBHRNC2 Weekly Worst cell analysis for KDHRNC1 and Hamid Monday KNHRNC2 Worst cell throughput report for all RNC Richard Monday Worst cell IUB utilization report for all RNC David Monday Worst cell CE utilization report for all RNC Dolapo Monday of

Final computation and send out to customer



Please kindly point out any areas that isnt clear to you.

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