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The Romanian - American Committee for Bessarabia

5150 Leesburg Pike, Alexandria, VA 22302-1030. E-mail:

August 9, 2013

The Prince of Wales Clarence House London SW1A IB A United Kingdom Your Royal Highness: As prominent Romanian Americans we are impressed by your interest and appreciation for our native country. Your royal position and personal prestige and your repeated visits to Romania most surely add a good degree of stability and democracy to this eastern corner of Europe. In addition, your family ties to the old princes of Transylvania and to the more recent kings of Romania add a very legitimate and justified dimension to your interest for the country. However, since we represent Romanians from all the provinces of the country, Bessarabia included, we would like to suggest that you should also visit other parts of Romania such as Moldova, Bukovina and Maramures. You will be enchanted by the old monasteries of these regions. And we suggest that you should also visit Bessarabia, the present Republic of Moldova, which sooner or later should reunite with the mother country. Should your Highness ever decide to visit this estranged Romania province, we would be happy to set up the best local connections for you. And should you visit the United States we would be grateful if your Royal Highness would grant our representatives an audience. incerely, Dr Nicholas Dima, PhD, Executive President, former Voice of America editor, former professor at J.F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Fort Bragg, NC. Valentin V. Teporde Communication Vice-President, Scientist Emeritus
Rev. Fr. Gheorghe Calciu-Dumitreasa, (-\-), Prof. Dr. Claude G. Matasa, Prof. Dr. Nicholas Dima, Executive President Lia Roberts, Executive Vice President Valentin V. Tepordei, Communications Vice President Alexandra Tomescu, Vice President for Canada Dr. Silviu Ziscovici, Public Relations Vice President