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More than two million people visit the Notting Hill Carnival every year. At Chinese New Year the envelopes the children receive are red because red is a lucky colour for Chinese people. Auld Lang Syne, the song which is sometimes sung at New Year was written by Robert Burns, a Scottish poet who lived in the eighteenth century. The name Diwali comes from diva, which is the Hindi word for lamp. Before Saint Valentine was put to death, he is said to have written a message for the woman he loved on the wall of his prison cell, which he signed Your Valentine. On the last day of Ramadan, it is traditional to watch for the new moon, which means that the fasting time is over. The word carnival comes to us from Latin and Italian. Its formed from the word came, which means meat and levare which means to make lighter. The meaning of the combined word is a time when we should stop eating meat. When children go door-to-door demanding sweets or threatening to play a practical joke on the occupations, its called trick-or-treat. The king who was attending the opening of Parliament in 1605 was James the first.