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Subject: English Grade: 1st English

Teacher: Felipe Contreras/ NM1

Name Grade Date

Ideal Mark 5 Minimun Proved

Mark 3

Objectives: Oral and written production.

Use of may, might and will for prediction.
Apply first conditional.
Put into practice lexicon of environmental problems.

Assessment scale for oral ability

The student is The student is able The student The student The student The student
almost to transmit only transmits basic transmits ideas speaks fairly speaks fluently
unintelligible, uses vey basic ideas ideas in a fairly moderately clearly. fluently, showing with few obvious
word wrongly, and using individual stilted way. Speech is an ability to mistakes and wide
shows no sing of words rather then Pronunciation is somewhat hesitant communicate variety of lexis and
any grammatical phrases or fuller sometimes and there are ideas with not too expression.
understanding patterns of problematic and frequent lapses in much trouble. Pronunciation is
discourse. Speech there are grammar and There are some almost always
is very hesitant examples of vocabulary use. problems of intelligible, and
and the grammatical and Nevertheless, the grammatical there is little
pronunciation lexical misuse and Student makes accuracy and difficulty in
makes gaps which him/herself some words are communicating
intelligibility impede understood. inappropriately ideas.
difficult. communication on used.
0 1 2 3 4 5