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The Perfect Vacation

On Cartagena of indies!!!!
You can visit the San Felipe
That’s a nice idea to visit the
San Felipe Castle because, it is
a good place very touristic and
historic in Cartagena. It is a
military construction that
protected the city against pirate
attacks. It have a big history
about Spaniards, Indians,
Slaves and pirates.

Don’t forget your camera

because, maybe you could take
some photos for remember and
maybe you should to visit this
place at night because, actually,
it’s very beautiful.
You can go to the Monument
of the Old Shoes and the
Monument to the India
The Monument of the Old
Shoes is behind the San
Felipe Castle. It was build in
honor to Don Luis Lopez,
Cartagenero poet.
The India Catalina is a
monument built as a tribute
to Caribe culture, the original
inhabitants of the area,
represented by Catalina.

Don’t forget bye some gifts

about these monuments for
your family or your friends
and maybe you could take
some photos for remember,
If you want visit the Murallas of

It’s a good idea pack a

comfortable clothes for
a walk around the
Murallas of Cartagena
during at the day or
better at night because
it’s nice.
If you can go the Islands and
some Beaches: There are many
beautiful Islands, like Barú
Island; Rosario Islands; where
you should do ecologic walks in a
natural and pleasant
environment. Also, there are a lot
of Beaches: among the most
important beaches are:
Bocagrande, Marbella, Bocachica
and Bahia del Castillo Grande
Don’t forget to pack a hat, some
glasses and your bathing suit, I
think you should take a lot of