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The circle is a magick symbol. It is used for protection, healing, and for energy.

The circle is also a symbol for infinity. It has no beginning and it has no ending.

This snake is called Ouroboros. It is a snake biting its own tail and forming a circle.

This is also a symbol of infinity.

Witches cast a circle around themselves during ritual for protection and also to keep their energies within their sacred space.

Would you like to learn how to use the circle for magick?

Protection If ever you feel frightened, such as when the lights go out for bed, close your eyes and imagine that there is a white circle surrounding you. That white circle is the Circle of Protection and it will keep you safe from nightmares while you are sleeping.

Healing When you are sick and resting in bed, close your eyes and imagine that there is a sky blue circle surrounding you. That sky blue circle is the Circle of Healing. When you place the Circle of Healing around you, your body and mind will begin to relax and your body will be able to heal itself better.

Energy In the morning, after waking, close your eyes and imagine a bright, sun colored circle surrounding you. The sun is a source of energy and its bright, golden yellow will make you feel awake, full of energy, and happy.