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Class : 2D5
Name : Song Peng Jun
Partners Name : I) Brain Chai
II) Bong Shin Yi

1) Food is the source of energy for all living
2) The importance of food includes :-
i) build healthy body
ii) repairs & replace damages tissue
iii) build new cells
iv) for growth
v) warm the body
vi) provides energy for carrying out works

Class of food

Food can be classified into 7 class of food

Carbohydrate Protein Fat Vitamins Minerals

Water Fibre

– Made up of the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
– Main source of energy.
– 2 types of carbohydrates:-
• simple carbohydrates : sugar
• compels carbohydrates : starch, fibre
– Excess carbohydrates are stored as fats in our body.

Rice Potato Bread

Tapioca Banana

– Made up of the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and
– Our body mainly made up of protein.
– Make up of a large number of subunits called amino acids.
– Main substance needed for the growth of new cell and
repair the damage or injured tissues.
– Used to make up cells, tissue, and organs.
– During extreme saturation, protein becomes the source of

Fish Milk Meat Egg

– Made out of the elements carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
– Consists of smaller units of fatty acids combined with
– Vegetables facts: liquid form (oil).
– Animal’s facts: solid form.
– Contains twice as much energy as carbohydrate.
– Stored under the skin or around organs in our body.

Plam Oil Coconut oil Egg york

Fish Oil


Note: Most of the oil & butter that we eat contains fat

– Organic compound those are vital for healthy growth.
– Required in small quantities.
– Two kinds of vitamins :-
• fat-soluble (A, D, E and K)
• water-soluble (B and C)
– Does not provide any energy.
– Inefficient intake of vitamins will cause vitamins
– If someone does have enough of particular vitamins, they
suffer from a deficiency disease.
Vitami Source Function Deficiency
A carrot, liver,  For night vision  Night blindness
fish, liver oil  Healthy Skin  Skin infections
and green
B egg, milk,  Releases energy from  Beriberi
meat, yeast carbohydrates  Anaemia
and cereals  Healthy nervous system
 Healthy skin
 Formation of red blood cells
C fresh fruits  Healing of wounds  Scurvy (bleeding
and  Resistance to disease gums)
D made by our  Rickets (soft
body in sun bones and dental
light (sun  Strong bones and teeth decay)
light), also
fund in milk,
eggs, fish
liver oil
E vegetable  May be needed for  Sterility
oil, whole reproduction
grains, nuts  Helps to fight against
and wheat disease
K made in  Prolonged
human  Clothing of blood bleeding
also, found
in eggyork
and green

Food show in this page and next page is the food contain Vitamin

Carrot, fish liver oil and green vegetable contain high Vitamin A

Egg, milk, meat, yeast are contain high Vitamin B

Fruits And green vegetables is contain high Vitamin C

Milk, eggs, fish liver oil contains high Vitamins D. Also made by our body
in sun light.

vegetable oil, whole grains, nuts and wheat germ contain high Vitamin E

Eggyork and green vegetable contain high Vitamin K. Also made in human
– Inorganic substances needed by our body for healthy
growth and. development.
– Like vitamins :-
• vital for good health
• required in small quantities
• does not provide any energy
– Excess minerals are excreted through sweet and urine.
– Human obtain there minerals through food and drinks.
– Lack of minerals will lead to minerals deficiency.
Minerals Source Function Deficiency
Calcium Cheese,  Strong bones and teeth  Rickets
milk, egg,  Blood clotting  Osteoporosis
green  Muscle and nerve activities  Prolonged
vegetable  Muscle cramps
Sodium Table salt,  Maintain body fluid  Muscle cramps
Cheese,  Proper functioning of nerve
Iron Meat, egg,  Needed to form haemoglobin
green in red blood cells  Anemia
Iodine Seafood,  Needed to make hormones of  Goitre
iodised the thyroid gland (swelling of the
salts thyroid gland
in the neck)
Phosphor Egg, meat,  Strong bones and teeth  Rickets
milk,  Muscle contraction  Weakness
cheese,  Stores energy
Potassiu Meat, nuts,  Maintain body fluid  Weak muscles
bananas  Proper functioning of nerves  Paralysis
Food show in this page and next page is the food contain Minerals

Cheeses, milk, egg, green vegetable contain high calcium.

Table salt, cheese, meat contains high sodium.

Meat, egg, green vegetable contain high iron.

Seafood, iodised salts contains high Iodine.

Egg, meat, milk, cheese, vegetables contain high phosphorus.

Meat, nuts, bananas contain high potassium.

F. Water
– About 70% of our body is made up of water.
– Main component for our blood and body fluid.
– Function of water :-
• Water helps to dissolve and transport digested foods,
gases, and horunones.
• Solvent for many chemical. Forming a medium for
chemical reactions.
• Helps to regulate our body temperature.
• Waste substance such as salt and urea are passed
from our body in water.
– Not provide any energy at all.
G. Fibre (Roughage)
– Made up from cellulose from plant cell wall.
– Fruits and vegetable are the main source of fibre.
– Cannot be digested by our body.
– Fibre absorbs water easily so that our faeces remain soft
and can pass from our body easily.
– Fibrecan prevent constipation.


Men need foods to get nutrient for life.
When a man didn’t get enough of carbohydrates a few days,
protein and fat will becomes the main of energy.
Men cannot life without energy (nutrient).