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Employee Branding:

New Mantra To Build Loyalty



Employee Branding
"The image projected by employees through their behaviors, attitudes and actions. This image is impacted on by employees' attitude and engagement towards the employer brand image promoted through the culture of the organization.
-Minchington (2005)

In Simple Terms
Employee Branding means what a employee projects about himself and the organization culture. He / She should be able to serve as a brand ambassador for his/her Organization. A strong sense of affiliation is seen of the employee towards his /her organization.

How This Can Be Achieved ??

By selective hiring/ selective recruitment. Provide targeted training/ certifications for employees. Effectively communicating the Organization goals and what is expected, Role clarity. The compensation system should incorporate messages that consistently and frequently reflect the brand and organizational image.

Advertising and public relations systems should communicate messages that consistently and frequently reflect the brand and organizational image.
Accurate and specific job previews should be given to new employees so that realistic expectations are incorporated into their psychological contracts

Growing Importance
An unsatisfied customer tells ten people

about his experience while an unsatisfied employee tells a hundred.

- D K Srivastava, VP HR at HCL Comnet

Growing Importance
Employer branding to attract employees It helps in retaining current employees, increasing employee satisfaction, attracting job candidates, and motivating employees in their work, which leads to excellent business gains. Initiatives taken by organizations to make the workplace more employer-friendly and implement development

Pre-requisites for Successful Employer Branding

Core Brand Definition Senior Management Involvement Alignment with Corporate Strategy Empowerment of the Workers Ongoing Measurement and Recognition

USEFUL Start-ups trying to build an Employer Brand

Unique benefits / policies Employee referral programs Awards programs Parties Sponsoring events Recruitment website


Identify your strengths Be socially responsible Offering career progression through growth Using the web wisely Market yourself to the young Use employees to spread the word What gets measured gets managed

Industry Practices
SATYAM: CTS: ACCENTURE: LG: MARUTI: Every Satyamite is a Leader Celebration at Work Best Place for Women to Work Best Employee Bonus Collective Vacation Scheme