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Students should apply the research design and reference styles already provided.

As far as possible each project should be analysed atleast with TWO case studies FDI PROJECTS: 1. Inviting FDI: Merits and demerits; Developed and Developing countries perspectives on FDI. 2.TRIMS: GATT and WTO provisions; challeng es to TRIMS regulatory with special reference to Indian demand for reforms. 3.FERA AND FEMA: A comparative analysis 4. Evolution of FDI policy India: major government policy initiative since 1999 5.FII A objectives, role and performance 6.Adjuducation of cases under FEMA : Procedures and institutional arrangement ( any 2 cases). 7.FIPB and FIIA: Functions, roles and responsibilities of administration of FDI units/projects. 8.Forms of FDI: JVs: nature of participation; operations and regulation atleast two case studies of JV participation in India. 9.BITS and India: Definition; nature of participation; protection and regulatory measures, disputes over BITS 10. MIGA: Background; objectives; nature of Guarantees 11. Socio-economic impact of FDI: Grassroot protest movements against FDI in India.


Infrastructure Regulatory Agencies in India: Telecom and civil Aviation Sectors Financing Infrastructure: capital mobilisation, domestic and foreign; regulation Infrastructure: Meaning, Scope and Classification Infrastructure: Planning and Stages of Development Projects Role of Indian Judiciary in regulation of infrastructure: Case law Infrastructure: Nature and Types of xxxxxxx Stakeholders of their rights/ obligations Nature of private participation in infrastructure projects: scope type and extent of participation: Illustrate with specific project cases. Infrastructure jn major Indian sectors: Policies and regulatory regimes Telecommunications Civil aviation Maritime: shipbuilding, ports/harbours Power production, transmission (Hydel, Wind and Solar) Natural Gas National Highways

NRIs and FDI: policy framework, sectoral participation and NRI responses. Discuss the pros and cons of FDI in Indian Media and TV sector. FDI in Retail sector and Single Brand Production policy guidelines and impact analysis.

Prohibited FDI sections in India: Examine any three sectors of Non-FDI participation.

FDI in Agriculture: areas allowed their impact on Indian farmers.