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Name: Kim Ji Hyeon


  • - JiiJii [Ryeowook gave her this nickname because he thought it was cute.]

  • - Hyeonnie [Heechul gave her this nickname because he thinks she's sweet like honey.] {*Note: Hyeonnie SOUNDS like honey.}

  • - Jen [Producers, executives, directors, etc. call her this because it's shorter than her stage name.]

Age: 16 or 19

Weight: 47.6 kg

Appearance: Her hair is layered, chocolate brown, chest length, and she also has side bangs. She has big and round eyes, soft pink lips, and pale white skin. She’s slim, tall, and also wears circle lenses.

Personality: She is can be your typical bubbly, cheerful girl, or she can be your worst enemy. She’s usually very friendly, so she can make friends very easily. She’s usually very happy and outgoing. She loves to have fun and play around with others. She’s energetic, open-minded, and is always willing to try new things. She can always be there to listen to your problems and will try to help you if she can. She sometimes has mood swings, which is why she can get depressed for a short period of time. She can hide her emotions well, especially when she’s sad. She never tells anyone when she’s down since she doesn’t want them to worry about her. She also has a soft heart, which is easy to break. Her weakest point is when she breaks down; but her strongest point is her hyperness. Other than that, you can always see her with a smile on her face.

Likes: Music, art, sweets, and ice cream.

Dislikes: Ghosts, darkness, backstabbers, and liars.

Hobbies: Composing music, dancing, photography, and cooking.

Habits: She shakes and stutters when she's really nervous. When she's talks excitedly, she can mix up her words and end up not making any sense at all! At night, if she sleeps late, she'll wake up REALLY late in the morning. When she's addicted or obsessed with something, she WILL NOT stop talking about it for a very long time! When she's watching her Asian dramas/movies, she'll watch it nonstop until the entire series/movie is over. Sometimes, when she’s happy, she’ll cry; but when she’s sad, she’ll smile.

Style: She likes to dress IN-STYLE. She wears the latest fashion, but only the ones she thinks is cutest. Most of the time, you can see her wearing dark skinny jeans and a simple cute tee shirt. On sunny days, she likes to wear shorts and either a tee shirt or a tank top. The way she dresses also depends on her mood. For instance, if she's feeling happy, she'll wear bright, fun colors. If she's feeling moody, she'll wear dark colors. She rarely ever wears skirts [she likes to wear leggings underneath skirts!] or dresses and only dresses up for special occasions.

Background: She grew up in a happy, warm house with her mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, two older brothers, and one older sister in Incheon, South Korea. Being the youngest, the family spoiled her most; especially her grandparents. When she turned 16, she tried out for an entertainment company and made it through all the rounds, finally becoming a trainee. During her trainee days, she worked part-time as a cafe waitress to support her family and practiced hard each day, waiting for her day to debut. When she finally debuted, she got peoples' attention right away, being known for her energetic and bubbly personality.


  • - Korean [Fluent]

  • - English [Fluent]

  • - Chinese [Moderate]

  • - Japanese [Basic]

Past Relationships:

[1] Lee {Hyukjae} Eunhyuk [Dated for 2 years & 6 months; Broke up because of different schedules. Remained as friends.] [2] Park {Jungsu} Leeteuk [Dated for 2 years & 3 months; Broke up because of scandals. Remained as friends.] [3] Kwon {Ji Yong} G-Dragon [Dated for 2 years exactly; Broke up because of anti-fans. Remained as friends.]


[1] Ji Hyeon & Yesung were seen shopping together and netizens suspected that they were a couple. Both declared to the media that they were just friends. [2] Pictures of her and Tae Yeon "choking" each other were floating around on the internet. Netizens spread rumors that they were fighting & choking each other when the picture was really of the two of them playing around with each other. [3] Rumors spread that Ji Hyeon wanted to be at the center of attention whenever the group had interviews. Ji Hyeon denied these rumors to the media once she heard about it.

Pre-Debut Work:

  • - Featured in "Talk Play Love" MV

  • - Featured in Son Dam Bi's MV "Bad Boy" as a back up dancer.

  • - Modeled for Elle Magazine

  • - Modeled for Vogue [Korea] Magazine

  • - Featured in "Goong/Princess Hours" as one of the many palace servants.

Endorsements (CFs):

  • - Ivy Club CF

  • - Anystar CF

  • - Anycall Haptic CF

  • - Cyon Ice Cream CF

  • - Baskin













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