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What does the future hold? This is one of the most important questions we'd all like answered.

Chinese Fortune Telling has utilized many varying divination techniques based on I Ching - The Book Of Changes. I will use I Ching Numerology - Mei Hua Yi Shu () to answer if there is a question raise by any one out there, or on my Blog. I Ching Numerology can help you lose weight, and cure sickness without taking any pill. I Ching can do a lot more than what people can imagine.

I Ching, You Ching, We All Ching... The Almighty Fortune Telling System After 20 Years of study, practice, and contemplation about I Ching and different forms of Chinese Fortune Telling and Astrology http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_fortune_telling such as Zi wei dou shu () http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zi_wei_dou_shu - This procedure, sometimes loosely called (Chinese: , pik meng) or Purple Star Astrology or Emperor/Purple (Star) or Polaris Star Astrology; Ba Zi () - The Four Pillars Of Destiny (representing the year, month, day, and hour of one's birth respectively) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_Pillars_of_Destiny; Feng Shui; Coin Casting I Ching - using 12 Chinese Animals imbed 6 of them into the six lines of any given Hexagram of the 64 Hexagrams and mainly using 5 Elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth for divination; He Luo Li Shu - Fortune telling type numerology in accordance with the He Tu/Hetu/HeTu Diagram or the Yellow River Diagram, using the Four Pillars of one's Birth date to cast a Hexagram; and Mei Hua Yi Shu just to name a few, I think Mei Hua Yi Shu or Mui Fa Yik Sou () http://homepage2.nifty.com/index_Z/meihua.html#principles - literally "Plum Blossom Numerology" - using the year, month, date and the hour to cast a Hexagram, is the most practical and useful of all to our daily life. Why? Well, obviously it could give us an instant understanding of the path that would lead us. Therefore, after many years of contemplation, last year I dedicated my entire time to concentrate on DISCOVERING THE SECRET of I Ching and Plum Blossom Numerology to invent a new way of prediction, and I finally did. With my Discovery and New Invention, we now can answer a single question or multiple questions raised by a single person or a group of different people at the same time, or in the same hour (each Eastern Asia hour equal to 2 hours of our time). This never before has done by anyone, but me so I called my system The I Ching Numerology. (Originally, Plum Blossom Numerology can only answer 1 question in every 2 hours of our time. It is kind of limited).

Even though, I am the Founder of I Ching Numerology and very proud of it, and despite of the facts that it is different from the rest of the I Ching divinations and even the original way of Plum Blossom Numerology prediction and often opposite to it, I Ching Numerology have the same origin of Image and Number school of Yi study with Mei Hua Yi Shu Plum Blossom Numerology created by the Greatest Master of I Ching of all time Shao Yong also known as Shao Kang Jie, my inspiration. I deeply respect Master Shao Kang Jie as my Teacher and always use the word Master where and whenever his name is mentioned by me. Master Shao Yong - Shao Kang Jie (1011-1077 C.E.), was one of the most prominent philosophers of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1126 C.E.). Although he was born into poverty, unlike most philosophers of the time, he was able to study and learn through borrowing books as he travelled afar. Eventually, Master Shao Yong came upon the I Ching, on which he would dedicate many decades of study and contemplation. He later established his own system, The Earlier Heaven I, based off of Fu Xis arrangement of the eight primary Qua and explained it in the book Huang Ji Ching Shi. Master Shao Yong also summarized the findings of preceding I Ching philosophers and rearranged the 64 Qua into both square and circular patterns. Additionally, he was well known as an adept predictor of future events through the use of mathematics and perception through Mei Hua Yi Shu.

Now, perhaps, for those who have never heard or known of the Plum Blossom Numerology would love to know how to cast a Hexagram by this method, lets briefly go over how to cast a hexagram of Mei Hua Yi Shu. Later as we go deeper, I will point out the differences of Plum Blossom Numerology and I Ching Numerology in practical prediction.

Mei Hua Yi Shu Number could cast a Hexagram in many different ways, but here we concentrate in using Year, Month, Date and Time to set up a hexagram only. Further-more, as I primarily use I Ching Numerology by the date and time, no need to talk about other ways here.

The procedure in established an I Ching Numerology hexagram has three steps:

1. Add the year, month, and date numbers together, and take that total number if greater than 8, then divide by 8 and use the remainder number as the Trigram designated number to cast the Trigram. The upper Trigram also called External Trigram Heaven above. Why divided for 8? The number 8 is the number of Ba Gua (8 Trigram). If the total number of year, month, and date is 8 or less, then use it as the remainder number.

2. Get the total number of the year, month, date, plus hour divided by 8 to cast the lower Trigram, just as we did with the upper Trigram. The lower Trigram also called Internal Trigram - Earth at the bottom.

3. Get the total number of the year, month, day and hour, instead of divided by 8 (Ba Gua), then divide by 6. The number 6 is the total number of lines of every hexagram, so divide by 6 is to find the Changing Line.

For instant, on Saturday March 5th 2011, I took my children to Carnival. At 13:35 PM I was asked to join a raffle drawing to win the prize. There were 29 containers of raffle ticket for 29 prizes. My question was, which container is the one that I would naturally like to join, and would naturally win the prize? March 5th 2001 at 13:35 of our solar calendar change to lunar calendar is February (2) 1st of the year of the Cat (Yin Metal, Cat-Yin Wood). In order to cast the Hexagram, we must use the lunar calendar and must know the designated number for the year, month, date, and hour. We also have to know the Pre-Heaven designated number of the 8 Trigrams. Eight Trigram: designated number as follow: Qian (Heaven) = 1, Dui (Lake) = 2, Li (Fire) = 3, Zhen (Thunder) = 4; Xun (Wind) = 5, Kan (Water) = 6, Gen (Mountain) = 7, Kun (Earth) = 8.

B Guthe eight trigrams Qin Du L Fire Zhn Thunder Xn Wind Kn Water Gn Mountain Kn Earth

Heaven/Sky Lake/Marsh

Year: designated number of 12 Chinese animals as follows: Mouse = 1; Ox = 2; Tiger = 3; Cat = 4; Dragon = 5; Snake = 6; Horse = 7; Goat = 8 ; Monkey = 9; Chicken = 10; Dog = 11; Pig = 12. Month: designated number as follow: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12

Date: designated number as follow: 1, 2, 3, 5, ...,29 (and sometimes 30) Hour: designated number as follow: 23:00-0:59 = 1; 1:00-2:59 = 2; 3:00-4:59 = 3; 5:00-6:59 = 4; 7:00-8:59 = 5; 9:00-10:59 = 6; 11:00-12:59 = 7; 13:00-14:59 = 8; 15:00-16:59 = 9; 17:00-18:59 = 10; 19:00-20:59 = 11; 21:00-22:59 = 12. For the said designated hour number above is just for a perfect example; however, the Zodiac Time is different from the clock time. For Instant a person in Houston at this time of the year, "sun in the South" at 12:33 pm while in Austin would be 12:44 pm. So we have to adjust the clock hour to the correct Zodiac time. Back to the question I asked earlier, with the said time and date, we should calculate as follow: Year: of the Cat = 4; Month: February = 2; Date: 1st = 1; Hour: 13:35 = 8 Now we add the first 3 set number of Year, Month, and Date to cast the External Trigram, which is 4 + 2 + 1 = 7 = Gen; we then take 7 + 8 (the hour) = 15/8 = 7 = Gen as the Internal Trigram. Finally we take the total number of the year, month, date and time, which is 15/6 (lines) = 3. The changing line is 3. So we have Gen over Gen line 3 is changing as Gen (52.3) Bo (23). Keep in mind my question was, which container is the one that I would naturally like to join, and would naturally win the prize? In another word I want Yi to tell me which Prize will be chosen out of 29 as predestination - without my knowledge and eventually I will choose when I see it and also win it. It does not matter what kind of I Ching divination we use, there will be no answer for this type of questions. Only my System - I Ching Numerology - has the answer for it. Now let me explain how I can do that. Gen 52.3 is standing still, blockage, can not get through especially third line is changing in the Internal Trigram means that raffle ticket is blocked by the container, so anything inside the container can not be seen. Bo 29 is peeling away, be lost gradually, dropping, falling means that the ticket dropped in the container will hardly have a chance to come back to its owner. After understand the true meaning of both Hexagrams I go to the next step to find out which container should be chosen by me. There are 29 containers, take 29/6 lines = 4.5 per line. The third line is changing so we take 4.5 x 3 = 13.5 > 13. So I should be chosen container 14. However, if we round up 29 to 30/6 = 5, or 4.5 round up to 5, then 5 x 3 = 15, then container 15 should be chosen also. Surprisingly, when we went to check out the two Prizes that is what my family want. Now another question popped up in my mind. How many tickets should be dropped, in order to win? As we check back from the number that designated for the Trigram then we can see the designated number for Gen = 7, therefore 7 tickets should be dropped. So I dropped 7 tickets in each container. At the time of drawing, container number 14 and 15 had the most tickets out of 29. Each contained about few hundreds. I missed on the drawn of container 14. My son said: Oh you said we will win, but we did not, he was complaining. I told him: Dont worry there is still container number 15 left. And as the lady

started to shuffle the tickets in container number 15, I pull my sons hand and move forward toward the lady, and as I come closer she called my name. My son yelled, We won. We won, Daddy. I said, I told you! On the way to the car, I rechecked my calculation and found out that I had missed 1 important number. Since Gen third line changing to Kun; Gen = 7, Kun = 8 => 7 + 8 = 15. I also picked container number 15 was good. But in order to have a better chance to win both of them, I should put 8 tickets in container 14 instead of 7.