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English I Syllabus

Cy-Fair High School 22602 Hempstead Hwy Cypress, Texas 77429 281-897-4600

Course Overview This course emphasizes the development of oral language and composition skills as the foundation to the high school English curriculum, as well as techniques for success on the STAAR test. The students will be introduced to the study of World Literature including both classic and contemporary authors. The goals of this course include the identification of literary themes and forms, the use of effective reading strategies, and the development of speaking/listening skills. Students write for varied audiences and purposes and work to apply effective ideas, voice, word choice, fluency, organization, and conventions in their writing. Students compose timed writings in addition to creating pieces that are developed over time through implementation of the complete writing process. Reading selections for this level include poetry, drama, fiction, literary non-fiction, and informational texts. 0 Supplies All students are required to have a notebook/journal for this course. See teacher for specifications. Blue & black pens #2 pencils Loose leaf notebook paper Major focuses/works Narrative and Expository writing Mythology/The Odyssey Shakespeare/Romeo and Juliet Assignments The assignments in English I will revolve around mastery of skills. The students will be showing their skills through multiple applications and through conferences with their teacher in order to improve their understanding. Grading Distribution Grades for each grading period are divided into three categories and are weighted as follows: Daily grades25% Assessment grades25% Major grades50% Re-Do Policy: Students may redo one test or assessment per grading period with a maximum grade earned not to exceed 80%. The redo must be completed within 5 class days from the date the student received his/her graded assignment.

HAC (Home Access Center) Students and parents should check the HAC on-line report often to keep updated on their progress in class. Testing Information STAAR EOC March 31, 2014 The STAAR EOC, or End of Course exam, is required for all 9th grade students. This exam is the official standardized test issued by the State of Texas. Students are required to pass this exam for graduation. Tutorials 2:45 p.m.-3:15 p.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays (Students must have a pass from the teacher prior to entering the tutorials). *Late buses are provided this year. Important Websites: www.pearsonsuccessnet.com This web-site allows students free access to an online version of the English I textbook. www.turnitin.com This web-site will be used to submit various assignments throughout the course of the year. The website is frequently used by colleges and is provided by the district as a resource for students and teachers to aid in communication, grading, and accountability due to its plagiarism check function. http://schools.cfisd.net/cyfair/index.htm Cy-Fair High School Web Address http://www.tea.state.tx.us TEA web site to locate TEKS and College and Career Readiness Standards For updates from the campus administration: Send the text message @CyFair2017 to 832-786-5344 Our team: Lori Pea Lori.pena@cfisd.net Marilyn Rasmussen Marilyn.rasmussen@cfisd.net Kristi Gardner Kristi.gardner@cfisd.net Vanarie Seunsom Vanarie.seunsom@cfisd.net Krystal Corwin Krystal.corwin@cfisd.net Kimberly Garner Kimberly.garner@cfisd.net Laura Carr Laura.carr@cfisd.net Abigail Smith Abigail.smith@cfisd.net Stephanie Smith Stephanie.smith2@cfisd.net Stephanie Janak Stephanie.janak@cfisd.net