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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY OPERATORS MANUAL For ee: AK-47 ASSAULT RIFLE AEC, ate ee YS > * _ dyou> ¢ i PRODUCED BY 203d MILITARY INTELLIGENCE BATTALION TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION 1. GERERAL SECTION IL, TECHNICAL DATA SECTION IIT. OPERATION SECTION TV. DISASSEMBLY SECTION ¥. ASSEMBLY SECTION VI. ACCESSORIES SECTION VII. MALNTENANCE SECTION VIII. AMMUNITION (BALL % BLANK) 4 2a 3 ski): SAPETY CRAPTER LOADING, 2. Check amy for dents in cactricy.+ asd bad petmors. hen inse magazine inte nagazion IL. be aure re insert foward lip of sr. Bo sure chac magazine is telly seated. chaegicg hand?e, shawn on page 11 Ligure 16, fully co the rear and RIDE CHARGING RANDLE FORWARD: 2. Kwa un the Liciag line, keep your weapon up anid peioted down range at al Lisws. If you have a maifenction, raise your hand and range pecsenaed will aid CAUTION: OnLy ed when the Ulank Liring device is in place. ta rot use the cap of the comvinas:en ronl kit as a blank ficing device. Tank armenttion may be WAMD GRENADE LAUNCHER: ‘The nand grenade launcher is inscalled by remaying the nuazle aut (fige 33 and secewiag che launcher onta the weapon tftp, 54). GRENADE: inser! a grenade with she pin pulled inra che launcher- al type cartridge is used for Eiring the grenade. Place che burt of rhe weapon on the ground and fire [ram this pesirion. ‘The maximum effective range tlw geenade cea be Pier as 250 acters. THE BAYOMET: {Tip 55) ts affixed by positivming its loops in fronr of rhe muzzle auc and gas cylinder body and sliding the bayonee to che rear until the bayonet carch engages the muzzle mut (1ig-36]. The bayonet is renmaved by pulling the catch, lovated behind che hilt, away from rhe handle and sliding the bayonet forward and off PLASTIC MACAZINE: The Soviet AK-£? metal magazine 1s gradually being replaced by the plastic magazine, (fig 57), which is lighter than tke metal. The plastic mayazine, because it is lightweight and wacerproof, i used mainly by aarincs, sicbgee, and armor units. FIGURE 1. LEFT VIEW, AK-47 FIGURE 2. RIGHT ¥IEW, AK-47 SECTION I. GENERAL The AK-47 {fig 3} is a short, compact, selective~fired weapon de- signed by the Soviets in 1946 which fires a cartridge intermediate in power between submachine gun and rifle cartridges. It has a mild re- coil which gives jt the capability of delivering effective full auto- matic fire up to 300 meters. In addition to the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China, East Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, North Korea, Hungary, and YugosTavia have manufactured the AK-47. The selector markings on the right side of the receiver provide a ready means of identifying the country of origin (fig 4). The AK-47 is produced in two different basic models - one with a conventicnal fixed wooden stock (fig 5} and the ether with a folding metal stock (fig 6). The folding stock is used mostly by airborne and armor units. SECTION IT. TECHNICAL DATA Cartridge 7.62x29rm Feed Magazine (fig 7) Fagazine capacity 30 rds Gas operated Weight 9.5 Ib Length 34.2 in Length w/folded stock 27.5 in Rate of fire semiautomatic 40 rpr Rate of fire automatic 100 rpm Rate of fire cyclic 600-800 rpm Maximum effective range 406 meters ——— & FIGURE 3. AK-47 2