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coffee, tea

& ice cream

bimonthly magaz ine vol. 1 novemb er-de cemb er, 2007

Elefin coffee
Thai premium coffee

World Barista Championship 2007
in Tokyo

Elefin beans are hand-selected and roasted daily using 100% Arabica from
Northern Thailand. As one of Thailand's premeire boutique-roasters, we specialize in producing
coffee with the perfect balance of flavor, body and aroma. We hope you enjoy our
coffee as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.


11/26 Sukhumvit Soi 1

tel: 02.655.2099

web: www.elefincoffee.com

e-mail: info@elefincoffee.com

Blue Cup Coffee

Rabisca Coffee


A cup of

McDonald, A&W, Burger King, 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Jiffy,
Star Mart, , ,

Enhanced Recovery Aroma





Elefin Coffee

Thai coffee-house produces locally grown

and roasted product for international








Filter Drip Coffee

Sirithai Rungjanthuek





Kitti Amornpatanakul

Chavamon Boriboontanawat


Sirinan Kesonbua
Thanyaporn Silpi



Banana Cream Frapp

Espresso Frapp
Banana Latte (Ice)
Choc Malt Latte (Hot)
Macchiato In love
Strawberry Island Soda

65/6 Soi Chokchai Ruammit,
Wipawadee Rangsit Road,
Jatujak, Bangkok 10900,
Tel/ fax : 662 277 3753
Email : info@coffeetimesthai.com


WBC 2007 & SCAJ 2007

SCAA 2007




Art Director

Translation and proofread



Kobkul Promayorn
Meechai Amorpathanakul
Sutinee Amornpatanakul
Torpong Tantraporn
Umaporn Huthawong

Belle Epoque

Its may not fast like Bugatti but its sure

the same eye catcher


Contributor writers


Classic, elegant beyond the time


Tanadej Kamonchan


Thailand Barista Championship 2007



Rabisca Coffee

Small coffee house in the big mall.

How she magnetize customer?


Bi-monthly magazine

World Barista Championship 2007

My Ideal Barista

subscription & sales

please contact :
Thanyaporn Silpi
The contents of this publication
may not be reproduced
in whole or in part without
written permission from the


2 -

Coffee t&I (CTI)


Sila Burger, Pizza,
Lucky Supermarket Supermarket Burger,
Gelato Italian Ice Cream

I always say good thing that are still with me until this
day is friendship I get from friends around the world
even when I was work in and out of the country. As
well as good networking, I also get their idea and perspective which I cant get from just reading books.
Today, our magazine has stepped up one more
step by size expanding, more content and now is in
Thai-English language which will be distributed to Asian
countries under the new name Coffee T&I (CTI).
And because of there are many knowledge and
news from coffee, tea and ice cream business in the
world that didnt release to this part of the world
specially in Thailand, so we want to be the media
that exchange the information and knowledge for you
and your business.
With friendship that we have from the past to the
present and generosity from new business associates,
we quite sure that CTI can be your use full source for
your F&B business.
Recently, I have talked to some of my old friends
from Cambodia. I felt really happy for their business
success. Chy Sila Group, who are doing well with
their fastfood business included coffee house and they
are now moving for new business adventure. Lucky
Supermarket Group has started their business from
supermarket to American burger restaurant and coffee
house, today they are the first who introducing Gelato
Italian Ice Cream to the Cambodian. They all young
and talented businessmen whom seek the opportunity
from the new market.
On the other side, some friends in Taiwan have
recently complained about a decline of their businesses,
especially coffee business. However, I saw many food
and beverage businesses over there were still doing
well. Many magazine continued to introduce new
opening restaurants and coffee houses. Make me some
time wondering where they find the location? even
its true that some is replacement.
From my point of view, I think coffee and sweets
are low price pleasure which urban residents can afford.
Your job is to provide good food and drinks, comfortable
room and chair make them enjoy their conversation
among them. if you dont do, somebody will. I think
this same principle apply in every country.

Sam Tanadej Kamonchan




National Body of WBC 2008

Meechai Amornpathanakul meechai@k2.co.th

WBC 2008


An engineer who is passionate in coffee knowledge. By spent most of his time
traveling from Chiang Rai, India, Germany, Italy, to the USA. Study from farming, processing, roasting, cupping and brewing to bring back coffee knowledge
to develop Thai coffee industry and teaching in K2 as he is the principle and
operation director. And another role as the President of Barista Association of

specialist K2
2 60 latte
Indy Espresso Supply

Espresso Man
Torpong Tantraporn
He has been in the coffee business since he was in
the younger age. He started as a barista for Starbucks
then became coffee specialist for K2. experience in
participated international barista competitions before
started his own coffee house 60 Latte. Currently
with another role as the MD of Indy Espresso Supply
whom consults and supplies coffee equipments and
accessories. He is also one of the Barista Association
of Thailand founders. Also known as Espressoman
in the cyber space.





Seattle 6

Kobkul Promayon kobbiep@hotmail.com





Chavamon Boriboontanawat fei@coffeetimesthai.com
Our multifunctional girl, webmaster and graphic designer, not only designs
beautiful websites for CTI but, our congenial photographer, also shares our
coffee encounter through her photographs for CTI readers.

Formal pretty banker who altered herself to started

her own coffee house as she always dream of since she
was study and sleepless in Seattle, the coffee house
capital. Realize for how good she is after open 6 succesful coffee houses by become a consultant for many
coffee houses project. Today she still make time to
enjoy a cup of good coffee and an active director for
Barista Association of Thailand.




Sutinee Amornpatakul Sutinee@k2.co.th
Former programmer who never program herself to
Umaporn Hutthawong support@k2.co.th

From a cooking student to a coffee teacher and K2 customer support team - a

shy teacher who make many students dream of, her role is to develop and create new drink recipes for her customers but never forget to share her creation
to CTI reader.

fall in love with coffee. After many years of practicing

included training from the lady coffee guru in India.
she now can share her knowledge for all coffee fan.
Besides the hard working sales career she also make
time as the reporter for CTI.

Meechai Amornpathanakul, President of Barista Association of Thailand (BAT)

meet Doug Zell Chairman of World Barista Championship (WBC) confirmed to
appointe BAT as the authorized organizer for Thai Barista Championship 2008
and the right to send the champion to participate in WBC 2008 in Copenhagen,

(World Barista Championship)
WBC 2008
TurboChef on the Tonight show with Jay Leno

Jay Leno poked fun at TurboChefs 30. Double Wall Speedcook Ovens ability to
cook a rack of lamb in four minutes. The transcribed video is below or you can
view the video online at youtube.com/watch?v=rAcm4TWaZ9I. A Company
called TurboChef Technologies just came out with a $6,000 oven that they say
can cook a rack of lamb in 4 minutes. I dont know, is that a big priority for
people to cook a rack of lamb in four minutes? A lot of guys come home from
work: Honey, Ive been here for four and a half minutes, where the hell is my


6,000 ()
, 4
( VDO Clip www.youtube.com/watch?v=raem4twa291)
Basic Barista Skill Training by BAT

The purpose of First Basic Barista Skill Training organized by Barista Association
of Thailand (BAT) was to educate the coffee lovers through member baristas
about Espresso and provide basic information to the public. (Hopefully, coffee
drinkers would more appreciate their coffee and baristas) another activities is
Top Blend Award which invited the spectators to taste and vote for their favorite
coffee. Everyone was pleased and cant wait for the next training.
Get more information at www.thaibarista.org

Basic Barista Skill 1

Espresso (
Top Blend Award
2 www.
Cold Cappuccino from ThermoPlan, Tiger Cool

Adrian Steiner, Managing Director of Thermoplan, Swiss leading fully automatic

coffee machines manufacturer demonstrated how to make a cold cappuccino
with soft silky foam milk by only one touch of a button on newest Thermoplan
Espresso machine Tiger Cool.


A true passion for coffee is what brought Mr. Somboon Chayavichitsilp, founder of Elefin Coffee, to
create his own boutique-roast for todays market.
Already having found success as a businessman, he
now focuses on providing a quality product that
showcases Thailands best Arabica coffee bean.

Elefin Coffee
Thai coffee-house produces locally grown and
roasted product for international market

Elefin Coffee-Bean
Our beans are sourced from the Northern region of
Thailand, Chiang Rai, where the climate is ideal for
cultivating a smooth and mellow bean with a strong
aroma and full taste. We provide 100% Arabica coffee
beans, roasted in-house to ensure quality.

ing atmosphere that we chose to reference an era

of Siam-Romantic, appealing to both Western and
local tastes. Its not just a product for us but an
experience as well.

Elefins Target Market

We feel our customers are those who are in search
of a real quality, boutique-roasted coffee experience. It is not our interest to make comparisons to
what is already out there but to create a community of coffee-lovers that appreciate an alternative
to the mainstream. Its not just a place to drink
your coffee but a place to relax as it was your own
with WiFi, internet stations, lounges and private
meeting room.

Price Range & Menu

Elefins Roast Master

With over 25 years experience in the coffee industry,
Mr. Ed Leebrick is Elefins roast-master and business
partner. Having gotten his start in Seattle working
for Starbucks, Mr. Leebrick would later form his
own company under the name Lighthouse Roaster.
The training of our local staff is done through the
tutelage of Mr. Leebrick, covering everything from the
selection of coffee beans to the process of roasting.
Visits to both Bangkok and farms in Chiang Rai are
done regularly to ensure quality is at its best.

Elefin Cafe
While our main focus is coffee, we believe the right
environment can enhance the enjoyment and appreciation of time spent away from the hustle of
city life. It was with this desire to provide a relax8

We want to make Elefin coffee affordable for anyone who wants to drink one of the best qualities
of coffee that is available worldwide. We are coffee
lovers who want to share this experience with others, and offer premium coffee at a fair price to our
customers. Aside from coffee, our menu is completed
with other beverages and food that complete the
cultural experience at Elefin. Serving breakfast, we
look to make Elefin a destination for one of the best
brunch in town.

Investment Information
We invite fellow coffee lovers to invest in Elefin and participate in the growth
of this unique brand. For investors who are interested in purchasing our
franchise, we require that they hold at least 20% of the total investment.
Investors will not pay their franchise by cash but will hold 16% share of
stock. We will help them manage the store, train their employees, seek
financing, and build each location.
Our wholesale coffee bean is competitively priced but the most important
thing is that we want to transfer our know-how to a new generation of
businessmen. We want to see them succeed in their businesses. We want
to teach them how to invest to get a return on investment and high profit.

Elefin Coffee
11/26 Sukumvit Soi 1,
Klongtoey Nuer Wattana,
Bangkok 10110
Tel : 02 655 2099
e-mail : info@elefincoffee.com


Roast Master


Mr. Ed Leebrick Roast Master partner

Starbucks Seattle
Lighthouse Roaster Seattle Mr. Ed

WiFi internet, lounge

The Best Brunch


Elefin 16%

, (Returned on investment)




Filter Drip Coffee

By Meechai Amornpathanakul

On the dazzling rainy day, it is perfect for your

favorite filter drip coffee. The charm of making
coffee neatly with coffee dripper is that you can
decide to make your coffee strong or weak by the
amount of ground coffee. This issue we would like
to present filter drip coffee technique.
What do you need to prepare
1. Spoon
2. Glass or pitcher
3. Ground coffee (9-11 g. per 6 oz. of water)
4. Coffee pot
5. Coffee filter
6. Coffee dripper
7. Hot water (temperature 92-96c)
Folding a filter paper
1. Fold a bottom edge of the filter up
2. Turn the filter around and fold the edge in.
Then open the filter paper and place in the
coffee dripper
1. First, warm your coffee dripper and pitcher with
hot water. Then, place a filter in the cone and
add ground coffee. Slightly shake the filter basket
to even the ground coffee.

2. Slowly pour hot water over the ground coffee by moving the kettle clockwise until the water is even with ground coffee.
3. When your first pour the hot water into the ground coffee, it will puff-up.
While pouring the water from the kettle, try to control the water steam to
make sure that the water stream is not too strong; otherwise the ground
coffee will collapse instead of puffing-up. Let the ground coffee soak up
the water. Leave it for about 20-30 seconds.
4. After the ground coffee soaked up the water, repeat the 2nd step. Remember not to pour the water into the edge of paper filter that attached
to the ground coffee.
5. Good ground coffee will produce fine foam when pouring water over it
but, old coffee, or too low water temperature will cause the ground coffee
to not puffing-up and collapse instead. However, the light roasted coffee
will produce lesser foam.
6. Slowly pour hot water into coffee ground coffee again. This time the
ground coffee wont reconstruct itself, it will collapse follow the coffee
dripper shape.
Note: This whole process should be
done between 4 - 6 minutes. And
the coffee serving temperature must
be between 70-80c
Now you can enjoy your perfect
cup of filter drip coffee to lighten
up your day.

Coffee dripper

drip coffee

3. ( 9-11 g 6 oz.)
6. Coffee dripper ( filter)
7. 92-96c

Coffee dripper





Light roast


* 4-6

Filter drip coffee



Rabisca Coffee

Small coffee house in the big mall. How she magnetize customer?

by Sutinee Amornpatanakul
Because Miss Numfon Cheunpakwan loves and enjoys drinking coffee, for these reason it has pushed
her to open a coffee house Rabisca Coffee. She
now has 2 branches serving customers for more
than 4 years and it aims for expansion and continue
serving quality coffee.

Motivation to Open Coffee House

I love coffee but most of the coffee house here in

Thailand are franchised and they are expensive,
majority of Thai people cant afford it. So I want
Thai people to drink good quality coffee with cheaper
price. Plus, I know some people who related to this
department store (Future Park Rangsit); otherwise,
I would be difficult to open a shop here because
we are not well-known.

Branches and Shops Design

Future Park Rangsit. It didnt have this many when

we first opened our shop here.

Secret of Success

We focus on the quality of the drinks, customer

service, and customer satisfaction. We freshly brew
our coffee cup by cup. We also have ice maker machine here because it is much cleaner than buying
ice. We always ask our customers about the taste
of their drink, what their personal preferences, no
matter they want it very sweet or less sweet. They
can order anything they want. We train our barista
to memorize our regular customers and remember
what their favorites. We sell our drink at reasonable price; therefore, we can continue serving our
existing customers and at the same time attracting
new customers.

We now own 2 branches; one at Future Park Rangsit and another one at CAT Tower, Bang-Rak. We
designed our shop in both traditional and modern
Thai coffee house. However, the shop design is
also depend on department store or building requirements.

Business Perspective and

Expansion Plan

Customers and Drinks

Franchise Expansion

Our customers are various, they are drivers to

office workers, we also have foreigner customers.
The popular drinks are Ice Cappuccino and Ice
Espresso. We did not have these two drinks at
first but customers often come in and order so we
decided to put it in the menu.

Difficulty and Problems

High employee turn over is our major problem.

We have to carefully hire our employees because
we have to train them but what happen was they
left after a few years. Another concern is that there
are now many coffee houses opened in the mall.
I think there is about 20-30 shops right now at


Rabisca Coffee

Turn over



Thai coffee house business is still growing, I will

continue to expand Rabisca Coffee in different location. We plan to open our next store at Central
World Changwattana.

We never thought of selling franchise because it is

difficult to control quality of our coffee. If you are
coffee drinkers, you will be able to tell that taste
of coffee in franchise coffee house are different.
We dont want our coffee to taste like that. I want
customers to go to any Rabisca Coffee and get same
quality coffee.

Suggestion to New Investor

Not only know how to brew a perfect cup of coffee,

anyone who is interested should have basic coffee
knowledge. They should know different type of
coffee beans, roasting process, and storing. In addition, they should also understand their customer
needs. Luckily, I consulted by the expert from the
beginning which is very helpful.



Rabisca Coffee

2 .



Interview with

Sirithai Rungjanthuek
ailand Barista
Championship 2007
By sutinee Amornpatanakul
Four years of hard work, continuous training, and
passion for coffee of Sirithai Rangjunthuenk (Pum)
from S&P Blue Cup has paid off by winning Thailand
Barista Championship 2007 and the opportunity to
compete in World Barista Championship (WBC) in
Japan. Today, Coffee t&i has a chance to talk about
her Barista experience and competition.

impression on TBC 2007 and WBC 2007

It was fun but excited. They got a lot of spectators and it made me nervous,
stressed, anxious, pressure, and many more. I was nervous that I wont be
able to finish it on time but I still managed to have fun. Competition in
Japan had doubled my excitement because they got spectator from around
the world. Even though, Im not fluent in English but I represents Thailand,
I have to do my best. I felt relief after I had completed the competition but
I still wanted to participate in another competition if I have a chance.

signature drink for TBC and WBC 2007

Golden Sunshine was my signature drink for TBC 2007. The competition
was held during mango season so I used mango as one of the ingredients in
the Espresso. I served it hot. For WBC 2007, I wanted to make something
that reflected Thailand so I used coconut and coconut milk as ingredients.
These two ingredients are quite famous fruit and found in the southern
region of Thailand. My drink was refreshing.

First of all, I would like to thanks S&P for giving

me opportunity to become one of their Barista.
When I first started here, I didnt even know what
is Barista, what we supposed to do. I have grown
into Barista because I got excellent training. I have
fun with my work and I want to create new drinks.
I can develop my organizational skills. Im happy
to talk to customers and see them smile.

barista experience
I have been working for S&P as their Barista for 4
years. I have developed many skills working here but
there is still a lot more that need to be learned.

preparation for TBC 2007

and WBC 2007
Preparation for TBC was about 2 months prior to
the competition, the competition was in April 2007.
After I have won TBCs title, it took me a little bit
over a month to prepare for WBC in Japan which
held in July. I trained about 5-6 hours daily.

favorite coffee

experience in barista competition

The first competition was TBC 2006 at Amarin Plaza,
I was really nervous and didnt know what to do.
After that I went back and practiced for TBC 2007
and I won on my second TBC competition. Winning
TBC 2007 got me a chance as the Barista winner
from Thailand to compete in WBC 2007 in Japan.
I have participated in 3 competitions so far.


Bluecup coffee S&P
Coffee T&I

future Plan
I would love to continue learning about coffee. I might open my own coffee
house, I will work as a Barista myself, train new Barista, and give advice to
anyone who interested.

recommendation to New Barista

Practice, a lot of practice, love and have fun at what you do. Working as a
Barista is not hard, you just have to work hard and understand your customers. That will make you a successful Barista.
(you can see Sirithai performance VDO clip at http://zacharyzachary.wordpress.
com/2007/07/31/competitor-18-thailand/ )

WBC 2007


, ,

Signature Drink

barista career starting point

Blue Cup coffee is my favorite because it has perfect

combination of body and acidity with chocolate
flavor. I like Latte as well. Latte has smooth and
its sweetness. Plus, I like to do Latte Art.


4 S&P 4 TBC Signature

Drink Golden Sunshine

WBC 2007
2007 WBC 2007

2 Thailand Coffee
& Tea 2007 TBC


Body Acidity
Chocolate Latte

Latte Art

TBC 2006 ( http://zacharyzachary.wordpress.

com/2007/07/31/competitor-18-thailand/ )
TBC 2007



The column shape espresso coffee machine was

invented in 1903 by an engineer named Luigi Bezzera. This design is still popular even though it was
created more than 100 years ago.
Bella Epoque is a French word means Good
Time. It is design and make by the Fregnan family,
whom has been manufacturing high quality espresso
coffee machine since 1947, under Elektra brand.
Bella Epoque combines the elegant classic design
with the modern espresso machine technology. It is
available 1-3 group heads. Until now, Belle Epoque
machines are neatly handmade, one by one.
Not only the elegance design as the piece of
house decoration item. Belle Epoque also provided
the perfect cup of coffee for any coffee house and

Belle Epoque

Its may not fast like Bugatti but its sure the same eye catcher

Classic, elegant beyond the time

by SK2

by SK2

Web Link for more information: www.k2.co.th,


Luigi Bezzera
.. 1901

Bella Epoque (
Good Time - )
Elektra Fregnan

.. 1947

1-3 Belle Epoque


model group boiler cap.






width weight






110-230 60-50/60







110-230 60-50/60








































One of the Espresso machine that caught my eyes at

the largest Espresso coffee machines Expo in Milan
2 years ago was Atalante by Reneka. With the shiny
stainless steel body. Atalante is the right combination of elegance, tradition and sturdiness.
It was created by Renekas owner, Patrick Zimmermann and a designer, Phillipppe Gaentzirt.
The story of how they came up with the
name Atalante was also very interesting. Renekas
manufacture is located in Alsace where it is only
1 kilometer away from Molsheim where famous
sport cars Bugatti were produced there. One of
Bugatti well-known models in 1930 is Atalante.
(Picture) Reneka named its Espresso machine after
it in honor of this sport car and people who love
the good old day charming.
Atalantes twin is Galatea by Bezzera as the
co-manufacturing for this special model.
Web Link for more information: www.pnfcoffee.com,
www.reneka.com, and www.bezzera.it

Reneka Atalante

Patrick Zimmermann Reneka
Phillippe Gaentzirt Atalante
Alsace Molsheim 1

Bugatti .. 1930
Atalante () Reneka

Atalante Bezzera Galatea



Banana Cream Frapp

Greeting for all CT&I readers. This part of the

year the weather diverse frequently, its better to
pay more attention to your health. At the end of
this year, Hot Bev still have exciting recipe for your
coffee house, waiting for you!


Hot Bev


Banana Cream Frappe

1. Da Vinci White Chocolate Sauce

30 cc.
2. DaVinci Banana Syrup 22.5 cc.
3. DaVinci Frappease Powder 2 tbs.
4. Fresh milk 90 cc.
5. Ice 16 oz.


Espresso Frapp


Peppermint Paddy Syrup

1. Espresso Shot 2 shot

2. Syrup 30 cc.
3. Ice 12 oz.

1. Whipping cream 500 cc.

2. Da Vinci Peppermint Paddy Syrup*
() 30 cc.

1. ,

Banana Latte (Ice)

Banana Cream Frapp

Banana Latte (Ice)

Our first menu is non-caffeine

drink which suitable for all customers who like the sweetness
of white chocolate and aroma
of banana.
1. DaVinci White Chocolate
Sauce 30 cc.
2. DaVinci Banana Syrup
22.5 cc.
3. DaVinci Frappease Powder
2 tbs.
4. Fresh milk 90 cc.
5. Ice 16 oz.
1. Add all ingredients into
blender, by adding ice as the
last ingredient
2. Blend until the drink get
3. Blend, decorate and serve

Banana Latte is the ice coffee with

bouquet of banana which mix up
well with caramel to make up a
flawless drink.
1. Espresso Shot 60 cc.
2. DaVinci Banana Syrup 15 cc.
3. DaVinci Caramel Sauce 15 cc.
4. Fresh milk 120 cc.
5. Ice 16 oz.
1. Add ingredient 2,3 and 4 into
an 16 oz.
2. Pour 2 shots of espresso in
the glass and stir
3. Fill the glass with ice ( May
decorate with whip cream)

Espresso Frapp
The second drink is still a blended
drink which reveals the real taste
of strong espresso and adding a
trick in the whip cream with Peppermint mocha flavor.
1. Espresso Shot 2 shot
2. Syrup 30 cc.
3. Ice 12 oz.
Whip Cream Ingredient
1. Whipping cream 500 cc.
2. DaVinci Peppermint Paddy
Syrup*(for whip cream) 30 cc.
1. Pour 2 shots of espresso, syrup
and ice into the blender
2. Blend and serve in 12 oz.
3. Decorate with whip cream

Choc Malt Latte (Hot)

The sour & sweet tastes of orange
in Choc Malt Latte are merged
well with flavor of malt. Not only
inside the cup, you also can taste
the pleasure on the edge of the
1. Espresso Shot 30 cc.
2. Da Vinci Orange Syrup 7.5 cc.
3. Fresh milk 180 cc.
4. Malt (for the glass edge) 10 g.
5. Orange sauce (for decoration)
1. Add Da Vinci Orange Syrup
into 6-8 oz. cup
2. Pour an espresso shot into
the cup
3. Steam the milk and pour slowly
to make a layer and cover the
cup with nice smooth foam
4. Decorate with orange sauce
and serve
Instruction for glass edge
Turn the glass edge to the plate fill
with DaVinci Orange syrup and
then to the malt powder

1. Espresso Shot 60 cc.

2. DaVinci Banana Syrup 15 cc.
3. DaVinci Caramel Sauce 15 cc.
4. Fresh milk 120 cc.
5. Ice 16 oz.

1. 2,3,4

Choc Malt Latte (Hot)

Orange Syrup

Orange Syrup

1. Espresso Shot 30 cc.

2. DaVinci Orange Syrup 7.5 cc.
3. Fresh Milk 180 cc.
4. Malt () 10 g.
5. Orange sauce ()

1. Orange Syrup


3. 60-70c

4. Orange Sauce

Vinci Orange



Macchiato In love

Lychee Syrup

1. Espresso Shot 30 cc.

2. DaVinci Lychee Syrup 7.5 cc.
3. Fresh milk 180 cc.

1. Lychee ()

2. 60-70c

3. 1/2 .

Vinci Lychee Syrup

Strawberry Island Soda

Banana Syrup
Palmbay Club Starwberry Smoothie

1. Palmbay Starwberry Smoothie 30 cc.

2. DaVinci Banana Syrup 15 cc.
3. Soda 150 cc.
4. Ice 16 oz.

1. Palmbay Strawberry Smoothie


3. 16 (


Macchiato In love
A taste of brown sugar at the edge
of coffee mug and a flavor of Lychee
Syrup can made your coffee more
enjoyable. Perhaps, this can be
one of your favorite menu.
1. Espresso Shot 30 cc.
2. DaVinci Lychee Syrup 7.5 cc.
3. Fresh milk 180 cc.
1. Add DaVinci Lychee Syrup and
espresso shot into 3 oz cup
2. Steam the milk and use only
the silky foam
3. Pour milk into the cup for
1/2 cm and decorate with foam
and brown sugar
Instruction for glass edge
Turn the glass edge to the plate fill
with DaVinci Lychee syrup and
then to the brown sugar

Island Soda
Sparkling soda drink combines
with the sweetness strawberry
grain and banana scent present a
delightful brew for your customer,
especially the kids!
1. Palmbay Starwberry Smoothie
30 cc.
2. DaVinci Banana Syrup 15 cc.
3. Soda 150 cc.
4. Ice 16 oz.
1. Add Palmbay Strawberry
Smoothie and DaVinci Banana
syrup in to 16 oz cup.
2. Fill the cup with ice and soda
3. Mix well before drink



You would be surprised to know that some famous

coffee house that has the most branches in Thailand
just 30% of their income is from coffee. Majority
of their income is from foods and other beverages,
both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks. Dont
give up when you heard of this because Starbucks,
successful coffee house chain still has the majority
of their income from their coffee. However, it is
very interesting that the big green is also trying
to add more food and beverage items in to their
menu. Now, lets see what else can be add to your
drinks menu.

Black English Tea

Tea is already serve in most of the coffee house but

real fruit in the clear tea pot which has small separate compartment for it.
This menu is very popular there.

Japanese Green Tea

Japanese Green Tea is also very popular and it is one of the main menu
for the coffee house. Starbucks has first started selling this in Taiwan and
it becomes popular throughout Asia and the world included Thailand.
Preparation process is not difficult and it can be served hot or cold or iced
blended drink.

Chinese Tea
The successful of Chinese green tea in Thailand was brought by Oishi group
who introduced Chinese green tea to Thai consumer market and change the
idea that tea is the beverage for elder people. Taste of tea that is available
in the market is pretty much the same, we has to add more flavor in order

more flavored syrups to make your own signature drinks. One of the simple
drink is just add Cherry flavored syrup into coke, this will make cherry coke
which you cant find any where here in Thailand.

Fruit Smoothies
Hot weather in Thailand along with taste and fruits benefit make fruit Smoothies popular in coffee house throughout the nation. In spite of difficulty of
fruit preparation and short store up time, some coffee house decided not to
sell it. Right now you can use frozen fruit and fresh fruits that go through
special process to make them last longer. Besides, Smoothies can be made
with mixture of sorbet, yogurt, or smoothie powder base which is much
easier. Protein and Vitamin are also another value added to your smoothies.
(Victor Liew, my friend owner of Mad about Juice who looks forever young
told me that the secret is in his drink, dont believe him - try it)

But Coffee
most of them do not pay much attention to the quality of their tea. We often see bag of loose black tea,
same as the one sell in supermarket, serve in many
coffee house. Because customers know the cost of
this loose tea; therefore, coffee house cannot boost
up the sell price. The taste of these kind of tea has
less aroma than leaves tea which more suitable for
your premium coffee house.
You will not see the use of loose tea bag in any
premium coffee house in other countries. Especially
fruit tea some even use real fruit to make their fruit
tea, it can give more natural taste to the tea rather
than using flavored tea bag.
Leaves tea are available with and without bags.
Tea pots are usually clear class so customers can
see tea leaves. In Taiwan, they serve fruit tea such
as apply, orange, and cantaloupe by putting diced

by SK2
Coffee Zoom, Bangkok

to tell the differences. It would take a long time for Chinese tea to become
popular that people can tell the different in term of quality. However, see
Taiwanese and Thai oldest tea manufacture had re-image their products
and make it suitable for young people, plus acknowledge them advantages
that good for health of tea drinking. Add some Chinese tea in your menu
its not the bad idea.

Italian Soda
Coke and Pepsi are popular drinks but the reason that you dont want to sell
these beverages in your caf is because you cant make much margin since it
so obvious when customer can see the price difference from the convenience
store next door. So if you want to sell carbonated drinks and become more
profitable you should consider selling Italian Soda.
Italian soda can be made with many flavored syrups which are available in the market by mixing it with soda water and ice. You can either
make carbonated fruity drinks like raspberry and strawberry or carbonated
cocktail flavors like Pinacolada and Blue Curacao. You can even add one or

Coffee Zoom, Bangkok

Gelato/Ice Cream
Its quite common for selling Gelato (Italian ice-cream) in the coffee bar in
Italy. Gelato can be sell day and night in Italy. During dinner before having
main course, sorbet is served as a mouth washer and after dinner, you can
have with or without alcohol gelato.
Gelato seem to be good companion of Espresso start from they came
from same origin. The unique taste and variety of flavor make differenciate
from the industrial ice-cream that your customer can get from any convenience stores.
And everybody love ice-cream.put an ice-cream show case in your caf
from one of the Gelato supplier will make the whole family of your customer
happy. (to be continue)









, Sorbet, Yogurt Smoothies
Powder Base
Protein Vitamin
Italian Soda, Coke Pepsi
( Victor Liew
Mad About Juice Smoothies

(Carbonated Gelato/ Ice Cream
Drink) Italian Soda Coffee Bar Italy Gelato
(Flavor Syrups) Gelato

Luckafe, Phnom Penh, Combodia

It is much easier to find gourmet coffee in Phnom Penh these days. Young
cutie Barista from Luckafe is making perfect Espresso and Cappuccino just
like other Baristas through out the world.

Luckafe Espresso Cappucino
T&Coffee World, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The modern design CMA Espresso machine can show you how Mr. Chy
Sila, young talented businessman owner of T&Coffee World pay attention
to serve his coffee. There are several T&Coffee World branches around the
city and make you a cup of joy by the lovely barista same as this place.

Chy Sila T & Coffee World

Japan Barista for Siphon Coffee Champion 2006.

Tokyo, Japan

From WBC/ SCAJ 2007. Mieko Koike, the Japan Barista Championship
2006 for siphon coffee from UCC demonstrated the brewing technique at

SCAJ 2007 Mieko Koike UCC

Cake Caf, Sriracha

Dolce Vita, Monaco

Main Course Sorbet (




, Cocktail
Pinacolada, Blue Curacao



Elefin Coffee, Sukhumvit soi 1, Bangkok, ailand

Back to Bangkok to meet two Thai baristas from Elefin Coffee, Joy and Toey.
The excellent environment coffee house with good coffee and adorable baristas
in their cute uniform, what else do I need!!!

Elefin Coffee

Rabisca Coffee, Future Park Rangsit, ailand

Lets go to Future Park Rangsit to meet another young Barista (again) from
Rabisca, Au. She is waiting to brew you a perfect cup of coffee. How can I
miss this after I saw it?




WBC 2007
& SCAJ 2007
Tokyo, japan
July 31 - August 2, 2007

World Barista Championship Specialty
Coffee Association of Japan

WBC 2007 & SCAJ 2007 is coffee and coffee

equipments trade show. It was the first time that
World Barista Championship and Specialty Coffee
Association of Japan co-organized this event with
many coffee company participation.




SCAA 2007
Long Beach, Ca, usa
march 4-7, 2007

SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America)

Long Beach Convention Center California,

Green Bean

SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) is

a biggest annual specialty coffee trade fair. This
year event held at Long Beach Convention Center
in California, USA. The exhibition presented Green
Beans from many international coffee plant growers to Espresso machines, Ingredients and other
coffee related products. They got visitor from all
over the world. The seminars session and work
shop including coffee Roasting, Cupping, Brewing,
and Coffee Business Marketing and Management




World Barista
Championship 2007
by espresso man

World Barista Championship (WBC) is organized

annually rotating between Europe and America.
However, this year competition was held in Tokyo,
Japan. It was my great opportunity to participate
and observe this world class event as one of the
representative from Barista Association of Thailand.
As the Asian countries representative and the host
country, we were expecting that Japan would
perfectly hold the event just like Europeans and
Americans did in the past. Therefore, I couldnt
miss this competition.
From my observation, I think there were many
interesting things at the event so let me share them
with you.

Japan geared up
There were 5 of us going for this event. Meechai,
President of Barista Association of Thailand, Miss
Sirithai (Poom), the Thai Barista Champion from
S&P/ Blue Cup coffee to compete at this event, Miss
Porntippa, Coordinator, Miss Bua-Roy, Trainer, and
I. We arrived in Japan late morning 2 days prior to
the competition. We were really exhausted from
the traveling but after we checked in the hotel, we
decided to go see the Tokyo Big Sight, the event
location because we wanted to find out how long
it would take to get there. When we arrived at the
site, they were still working on building the stage.
The stages size and the lighting made us feel like
we were performing a concert. There were 3 L
shape counters on the stage. All three counters
got bright orange La Mazocco FB80 with 3 group
heads Espresso machines along with Compak K10
grinders waiting for barista from around the world
to compete in a few hours. I couldnt stop my hand
from touching FB10 and checked it out because the
beauty of it. The counter bars were strongly and


perfectly built to meet the WBC standard measurement, even though they would only be used just
once. The counter bars height seemed to be little
problem for Miss Siritai, I thought, but she told me
there was no problem. Inside the counter bar, there
was 2 electrical outlets (could ask for more), 1 small
refrigerator, 1 large garbage bin, and 1 small garbage
bin hiding underneath. I wanted to see the back
stage where it was used for practice but I could not
get permission. Later, I found out that there were
4 Espresso machines for practice, 2 refrigerators
for baristas who brought their own milk and other
ingredients. There was also milk from sponsors
sitting in other refrigerator. There was ice making
machine, a sink in 2 locations, the special area for
barista to place their equipment before entering
the stage, and barista dressing room. The size of
backstage was larger than up front.

It took about 45 minutes by train plus 600

meter walk from our hotel to Tokyo Big Sight. It was
1,000 yen (300 baht) per person. We were really
exhausted after visited the sight so we ended up
having dinner at one of the Udon place near by.

All Barista in the Planet Earth

Day two, we were hurry to get to Tokyo Big Sight
for orientation given by, Michelle Campbell, WBC
Coordinator. The practice timetable and other
arrangement had been prepared for us when we
registered. Competition participants were asked
to get up on the stage to introduce themselves and
notify their stage set up one by one. They were
asked what side they would like to put their grinders, any other additional equipment, or even the
size of the WBC souvenir T-shirt.

Troels Overdal Paulsen, World Barista Championship 2005

Dalla Corte

Mascot We Love Coffee

Dancer Asian
Night Gala Dinner

Serious look of Troels Overdal Poulsen, World Barista Championship 2005 from
Copenhagen, Denmark. He is also a Barista presenter for Dalla Corte, new
technology Espresso Machine.

Japanese Mascot sang We Love Coffee, a song wrote for this special event, with the
dancers who were in Asian traditional costumes that matched the theme Asia Night
Gala Dinner.

This year there was 48 countries requested

their participation but there was only 45 countries
show up for orientation. From my observation, this
year competition became more world wide, there
was barista from many countries around the world
participate at the event especially, African countries.
There were also barista from coffee plant grower
like Kenya, Nicaragua, Brazil, Columbia, and Thai.
This is WBCs success that can attract more barista
association around the world to be more energetic
and want to participate in the competition.
These made us realize that we are now competing in the world class event which has no boundary.
And it is time to step up and learn new things in
order to develop our Thai Barista.

Signature Drink
There were no comparison of how each barista brew
Espresso and Cappuccino. They were all done very
well. It was pretty difficult to see their error only a
few from first timer Overall I think they all did well.
There were 2 signature drinks that caught my eye
(as the spectator), one from Spain by Chiara Nicolini
and another one from New Zealand by Carl Sara.
However, James Hoffman, won the best signature
drink and won this year competition, his drink was
not on my poll (but the song he used was surely
the winner). I only judged this as the spectator.
Basic judging was on the taste of the drink which
I didnt have a chance to do so. Therefore, I can
only narrate you my visual interest.
Let start with Spains signature drink, I
couldnt remember the name of her drink but she
played with the concept Coffee with candy. She
brought quiet a bit of extra equipments such as 2
cotton candy maker machine, 2 large bowls, and
2 strange looking pitchers. She was one of the



contestants who got a lot of spectators attention.

Because of the tricky process and technique, she
couldnt make coconut milk ball and lost track of
her time. Even though she could save the situation
but she went over for about a minute. So she didnt
make it to the final.
The other interesting signature drink was by
Carl Sara from New Zealand. Carl Sara came to
Thailand in 2005 as the barista champion from
New Zealand. He came as one of the WBC judges,
training and conference for Thailand National
Barista Championship 2005 (TNBC 2005) by Bon
Caf. I got certificate from this training as well. I
named Carls signature drink Octopus after the
special accessories he use for serve his signature
drink. He always contributed his experience into
barista competition. He seemed to understand what
people want in term of taste and scent, thats why
he brought his special glass that connected to the
spice container. The drink itself contained one
Espresso shot mixed with some spices and carbonated it with carbon dioxide before it had been
served in the special glass. This signature drink
looked simple but eccentric at the same time. But
trust me before Carl pressurized the oxygen into
the spice container, judges must had been very
excited at this experience Carl about to give them.
I even smelled and could taste the flavor of it even
though I was quite far away. Carls signature drink
didnt win the prize but he was the second runner
up for this competition.
Thailand Sirithais signature drink is Samui
Holiday. A taste of this tropical drinks is mixing
espresso and coconut milk from Samui island, a
famous beach resort and also the best coconut in
Thailand. I didnt have a chance to taste it yet but
I surely try after see her again in Bangkok.
At this competition making the signature
drinks, there was only few barista that used flavored
syrups, most of them real spices or even made their
own spices in front of judges. I wanted to see Thai
barista use some kind of spices in drinks because
Thailand is known to have many kinds. How about
The Shot of Tom Yum Essence.

World Class Barista in Action

One thing that I wanted to see at the competition
is the baristas movement when they were in action.
As a barista myself ; it was fun to watch difference
technique from barista champion around the world
so do some barista who understand the rule.

Baristas performance that impressed the most was by Costas Pliatsikas

from Sweden. He made 2 Espresso shots at the same time by using only
one hand holding 2 portafilters. His tamping technique was the best of the
tournament and his working steps was excellent. His technique did not win
any award but it surely won the heart of the audience.
Barista from Thailand, Miss Pum performed and show her technique
well just like everybody else. Her Espresso shot was perfectly brewed out
of the Espresso machine. Serving cappuccino was not a problem as well.
Miss Pum chose to make the shape of heart for her Latte Arts which got the
big applause from the audience.
There was also barista from the host country, Miyuki whom packing
technique represented Japanese women characteristic, it was tidily packed.
Besides, the technique that each barista presented to the judges were popular
technique, for example, Lin Dong Yuan, barista winner from Taiwan presented
his new Latte Arts by pouring and explaining his idea in front of the judges.
His technique was accepted throughout the West.

2007 WBC Ranking Order


James Hoffman
Heather Perry
Carl Sara
Miyuki Miyamae
Anna Kaeppeli
Silvia Magalhaes

Special Awards

Best Espresso
Best Cappuccino
Best Signature Drink
Congeniality Barista

from UK
from USA
from New Zealand
from Japan
from Switzerland
from Brazil

Heather Perry from USA

Miyuki Miyamae from Japan
James Hoffman from UK
Ingibjorg Jona Sigurdardottir
(Imma) from Iceland

WBC (World Barista Championship)


Signature Drink
S&P Blue Cup Coffee
Miss Pum (Sirithai Rungjanthuk), Thai Barista champion and her signature drink
Samui Holiday created by S&P Blue Cup Coffee

It was difficult to predict the result for this competition because many of the
barista who I thought was good did not pass the first round. The eliminated
semi final round so they could complete the event it within 3 days.
I must admit that barista who participate at this year competition
had developed their skills and technique well. They all have good basic
skill which did not differ much from the others. What make them win the
competition are preparation, determination, and motivation. These could
be seen when they are on stage completing. Some barista had been participating in many competitions within their countries and collecting their
experience. Why do they think barista competition is important? I dont
want to leave this question to the Thai government, but my beloved barista
brother and sister, and you.

Barista from around the world were brewing espresso coffee for charity benefit.


S&P Blue cup
() ()

Tokyo big sight


La Mazocco FB80 3
Compak K10

( -
, S&P,
Blue Cup Coffee
Thailand Barista team (from left Meechai Amorpathanakul, president of Barista Association of Thailand,
Porntipa and Buaroy from S&P, Sirithai, Thai Barista
champion from Blue Cup Coffee, and Torpong Tantraporn, Barista Association of Thailand committee.)


FB 80


2 () 1


( Hall)
Back stage

1,000 (
300 )

Finalist announcement action

Luigi Lupi ( 3 )
World famous Italian Barista Master, Luigi Lupi (3rd from left)


Chihiro Yokoyama JBC (Japan Barista Championship) 2 , Hiroyuki

Kadowaki JBC 2005 WBC 2005
Chihiro Yokoyama, two times JBC Champion, Hiroyuki Kadowaki, JBC Champion
winner 2005, second place WBC 2005 and Meechai

All Baristas in Planet Earth

Staff WBC
Coordinator WBC

Set up

T-Shirt WBC


WBC World


Signature Drink

Victor Mah () Singapore Coffee Association Ross Bright ()

Master Coffee Roaster & Wholesale Manager Spinelli Coffee
, Yuki Itabashi UCC Eleen Cai Yi Jie
Victor Mah (Left, Singapore Coffee Associations Chairman), Ross Bright (Right, Master
Coffee Roaster & Wholesale Manager from Spinelli Coffee Company), and Yuki Itabashi
from UCC were there to support Eleen Cai Yi Jie, Singapore Barista Champion 2007



Signature Drink
() 2
Chiara Nicolini Carl Sara

Signature Drink
WBC 2007

Visual interest

concept coffee with candy

Carl Sara

Staff WBC
Thailand National Barista
Championship 2005 (TNBC 2005) Bon

WBC Carl

Signature Drink





Carl Best Signature Drinks


Drink WBC

The Shot of Tom Yam



1 Miyuki Miyamae

Sweet and beautiful Japanese Barista champion, Miyuki Miyamae,

introduced herself on final round.

2 Latte Art 50
Two times Barista Champion from Taiwan, Ling Dong Yuan in his smooth
performance who also can make more than 50 designs of Latte Art

3 Heather Perry
Whole family came along to support their talented daughter, Heather
Perry, Barista champion from the USA., who won the first runner up and
Best Espresso this year.

4 Carl Sara New Zealand 3

Meechai Amorpathanakul and Carl Sara, famous 3 times Barista champion

from New Zealand.

5 James Hoffman WBC

Meechai and James Hoffman, the newest WBC champion 2007 from England

portafilter Tamp



Latte Arts

Final 3

Basic skill


View Barista clip video at




Last week, I went to a dull coffee kiosk located

on ground floor, outdoor area of an in town office
Building. Four years ago, this is where I used to
wake myself up with a cup of coffee every morning
before I went to work up on 13th Floor. To start the
day, I normally visited my Barista for my cup and
greeted few old faces who came for their morning
cup like me as well. As Ive never been back there
for 4 years, I dont expect to see any familiar faces.
Surprisingly, my Barista was standing behind the
kiosk with another 2 barista girls. His name is Tong.
He looks the same as before, an over 40 something
awkward man whose appearance has no charm at all.
However, his greeting character and service attitude
are on the contrary. He actively greeted where have
your been, Miss Thailand? That was the fun name
he used to called me and only both of us know. I
replied hi, how are you, may I have my coffee I just
said that to challenge the old man whether he still
remember my drink. He then turned to his staff,
a teenage good looking girl and ordered one Hot
House Special Blend, please He then turned to hand
me here is your brown sugar I stood still, smiled
and deeply impressed that he can remember his
Miss Thailand, her favorite drink, and even her
coffee condiment after 4 years.
We had small conversation afterward. The
impression on him went on when he said Your
ex-boss is probably not in the office today, I have not
seen her since morning. In fact, I already called
my ex-boss before I came and knew that she had
a meeting outside all day. But this guy he knew
it by instinct, which remind me of another story
which happened many years ago when he had a
sick leave for 2 weeks and his company sent a new
freshy boy to look after his kiosk. Every morning
this boy repeated the same sentence as customers
asked for Tong he is in hospital for a surgery, now
getting better, and will be back soon. Two weeks after,
Tong came back. I met him next morning. After
he told me about his surgery, he asked me didnt
your boss come to the office lately? I questioned him
how do you know? He said your boss is the only
person who drinks Iced Mocha Java and Ive not seen
any selling records on this drink during the past 2 weeks.
So I wonder if she goes to the other coffee shop across
the street while I was away I stopped 5 seconds
and told him. No, she didnt change her mind, but
she was also away for a business trip to Singapore for
2 weeks and probably will be back for her Iced Mocha
Java tomorrow. He smiled and talked to himself
while I was leaving the kiosk Our company brews
the best coffee, I would feel sorry if she goes to the
other. These stories confirmed me that he is not
just a coffee brewing guy who passively wait for

my ideal barista

by Kobkul Promayon

customer to come, but concerns about the absence of his regular customers
even while he was not on duty.
Tong continued updating me those familiar faces whom I usually met
while I was working in this building. A friend of mine has been married for
few years, no children. My other friend who always smoking while having
her coffee has resigned recently to open her own restaurant. My colleague
who used to sit next to me in the office is on diet and has been skipping
coffee for few months now (he always knows the reason of his customers
absence). Another colleague of mine is dating with a Super Star and brought
her to his kiosk. But he smiled and told me that youre more beautiful, my
Miss Thailand.
As a few customers were on a queue, I went to an unoccupied table. I
rested and thought of my old days while having coffee and chatting with my
colleagues. This kiosk is where my dream of having a coffee shop sparked.
In fact, Im passionate in coffee for decades and was dreaming to have a
cozy shop in the neighborhood for many years. I finally had a chance to
make it happens and it was the reason I put in my resignation letter 4 years
ago. Without hesitation, I used to ask Tong to join my coffee shop since
the beginning. I still remembered he told me nicely that he wont go anywhere but here. I worked for this company for long, and my mind is here with
my customers. I wont go even you hire me more.
Tong is still my Barista Role Model for Barista even though I have 6 coffee shops with more than 30 staffs on my own now. Im definitely sure that
I cant teach one of them to have similar service mind with good knowledge
in customer behavior and able to build regular customers like Tong. He
used to be by himself in the kiosk, now he has 2 more staffs, and shop has
been extended from 2 coffee tables to 10 coffee tables all around the outdoor
area. I believe the growth of this kiosk is coming from his contribution, his
instinct, and his Born to Be Barista.

Luigi Lupi, World famous master barista. ideal barista for all baristas.


( 1 )

(40 )

( )






2-3 (



6 30





Coffee World

Elefin Coffee

The inspiration comes from the name Coffee World of

brand and the slogan Where the world meets that is Coffee
and World. Due to this reason we have the concept that
coffee is belong to everyone because its the international
beverage; three coffee beans that will change to world at
last, it tries to say that Coffee World will be known by
people around the world at the end by the good quality
of food and beverage.
The colors used for this brand is yellow that mean the
loveliness and relaxing and blue mean the luxury simple,
so these two color mean The luxury living room that
customers will enjoy and relax although they are in the
luxury room.
By the way, this logo born with the name brand for
10 years and we never change to another logo.

Elefin is a German word means elephant. We selected

this name because it pronounces similar to elephant in
English. Elefins goal is to create a new Thai coffee brand.
Our logo consists of elephant and lotus in red color and
these three symbols represent different meanings. In
Thailand, elephant is an auspicious animal, it represents
Thailand. Lotus means respect and it is often used in
Buddhist ceremonies. It also represents the goodness of
Buddhism and Thailand. Red is an ancient classic color of
Thailand. By adding these three symbols together with a
unique design makes our logo easy to recognize. Elefins
logo was designed in both Thai and English for our Thai
and international target customer groups.

Relax in a Quiet Day

Sipping a cup of coffee after morning walk with man best freind, talking to
old friends in a beautiful day are the kind of living that we all imagine at a
small village resort, Weggis, Switzerland

( )

Coffee House in Small Town (Moderna, Italy)

Coffee has become a part of every Italians life in small town or big city. How
does a good conversation start? Starting a morning with a cup of cappuccino
will make they feel energetic and be ready to begin their day.

( )

Coffee House in a City (Milan, Italy)


Coffee World

Elefin Coffee


( ) (Where the
world meets)


The Luxury Living room


Elefin Coffee

Elefin 2

Same coffee in same cafe can have different prices.

Drinking coffee at espresso bar is the cheapest and
the price getting up when you have a seat but the
highest price of a cup of coffee is when you sit out
door. Nice view and better service are there for
anyone who pay more in exchange with a moment
of happiness in their busy life.



DaVinci Gourmet 4

Rose, Jasmine, Violet Lychee
DaVinci Gourmet 330
Four new flavored syrups from DaVinci Gourmet Expanding your menu
with our brand new flavored: Rose, Jasmine, Violet, and Lychee which are
still full with flavor and quality, suitable for either hot, ice, or blended drinks.
DaVinci Gourmet Syrup is available at 330 Baht each. www.a4coffee.com

Trans Fat
Non-daily creamer

5 10 ml. www.creation.com.tw
Liquid Non-Dairy creamer by Lien from Taiwan Fill your favorite
cup of coffee with no Trans Fat and no preservative with non-daily
liquid creamer. It can be easily added to your hot and cold drinks.
It comes in 5 ml. and 10 ml. sizes. www.creation.com.tw

Milk Creamer Tiamo

Milk Creamer Tiamo 2
200 400 ml. 660 815 www.a4coffee.com
Milk Creamer from Tiamo Now you can simply make soft foamy milk in your home with
Milk Creamer from Tiamo. It is easy to use with either hot or cold milk. Milk Creamer
comes in two sizes; 200 ml at 660 Baht and 400 ml. at 815 Baht. www.a4coffee.com

Filter Drip Coffee Starter Kit

Filter Drip Coffee

A. Coffee Dripper 110-330
B. Coffee Filter
C. Coffee Pot 1,225-1,635
Filter Drip Coffee Starter Kit The kit is for anyone who wants
to experience the taste of Filter Drip Coffee. The kits includes
A. Coffee Dripper @ 110 - 330 Baht
B. Coffee Filter
@ 75 - 90 Baht
C. Coffee Pot
@ 1,225 - 1,635 Baht




Subscription Form
Free Copy

Big MC


Which side (size) you are?


World Barista Championship 2007
(Which Side?)

Small Size

Which side (size) you are?
For the reason that the Thai Barista Champion, Sirithai
Rangjantuk is not speak English so well. The generous
Blue Cup Coffees boss Mr.Vitoon Sila-on assigned
Miss Bua-Roy for trainer and Miss Tip for intrepetor
at the World Barista Championship 2007 in Tokyo.
During the orientation when the organizer asked
which side she prefer to put the coffee grinder
on. With either loud noise or misunderstood the
question, she replied loudly via microphone small
size! Both of them were stunned and then laughed
when Khun Tip realized that the question didnt
ask for her size.


Name : ___________________________________________
Job Title : _________________________________________
Phone : __________________ Fax : ___________________
Email : ___________________________________________
Website : _________________________________________
Business Name : ___________________________________
Address: _________________________________________

Adding eyelashes to Big Mc


Dont misunderstand that the Italian

McDonalds is adding eyelashes to make
the logo more attractive. Actually, they
stick the needles to top of the letter M
to avoid birds doo-doo.

Province/City :_____________________________________
Postal Code : _____________ Country : ________________
What is best describing your business?
Restaurant (Family owned, Fine Dining, Bistro, etc.)
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Coffee or Tea Retailer
Coffee Broker, Exporter, Grower
F & B Equipment Distributor
Catering Business
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Catering Manager, Restaurant Manager, Executive Chef,
Roast Master
Educator, Trainer, Consultant, etc.
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Over 500
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Thailand? ________________________________________

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coffee, tea
& ice cream
bimonthly magaz ine vol. 1 novemb er-de cemb er, 2007

Elefin coffee
Thai premium coffee

World Barista Championship 2007
in Tokyo

Elefin beans are hand-selected and roasted daily using 100% Arabica from
Northern Thailand. As one of Thailand's premeire boutique-roasters, we specialize in producing
coffee with the perfect balance of flavor, body and aroma. We hope you enjoy our
coffee as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.


11/26 Sukhumvit Soi 1

tel: 02.655.2099

web: www.elefincoffee.com

e-mail: info@elefincoffee.com

Blue Cup Coffee

Rabisca Coffee