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QP02 Control of records

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Management Representative

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1 Purpose

This procedure refers to the records generated and maintained to provide evidence of the effective operation of MRF Names Quality Management System (QMS) and associated business processes. This procedure covers the business and quality records generated, their retention period, protection, location and retrieval.


This procedure, which applies to all key business and quality system records contains the following sections: 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 5 Identification, protection and retrieval Process and procedure records Disposal of records Review of records Related documents


Glossary and definitions

Management Representative Master Records List Quality Management System Quality Form

Record - Any document listed on the Master Records List (MRL).


It is the responsibility of the Management Representative (MR) to ensure the appropriate implementation of this procedure. All departmental managers also have immediate responsibility for the management of records relating to their activities. A Master Records List (MRL) is used to identify key business, quality and environmental records. Retention periods take into account statutory, regulatory and customer requirements. 4.1 Identification, protection and retrieval

The MRL indicates the records being maintained by process, record type, identification, retention period and storage location. The records are protected by secure physical location or data back-up (soft copy). Documents can be retrieved by authorised personnel from the storage locations specified and / or from folders on the network. Customer records are identified by customer name. Quality and environmental records are stored in folders or files and are identified and retrieved by type and record number. Key office computers are backed up daily to tape on a local server. Remote office computers / laptops are backed-up monthly to suitable magnetic or digital media. 4.2 Process and procedure records

Records are maintained in order to demonstrate that services and products conform to specification and regulatory/statutory requirements, and that contracts of supply have been duly executed and completed satisfactorily. Files and folders are maintained that contain records of the activities and functions of the Company that affect the quality of services or that have an impact on the environment. These records can be accessed by authorised persons, however, records must not be removed from site without permission from the MR / deputy. All records held are documented on the MRL. Records specified as part of a contract will be made available for inspection for a period of time as determined in the contract.


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Electronic media pertaining to the quality management system is stored in such a way as to prevent loss, damage or corruption. Electronic back-ups are maintained in accordance with the data back-up process. 4.3 Disposal of records

On or after the retention period stated, the relevant records will be reviewed by the MR and Process Owner and will either remain in-situ, be archived or destroyed. If records are to be destroyed, they will be disposed of in a controlled manner; sensitive hard copies will be shredded and soft copies will be deleted from the system . If records are to be archived, they will be identified and stored appropriately. 4.4 Review of records

The internal audit process is used to check that records remain legible, identifiable and retrievable. Quality records will be reviewed either prior to or during the Management Review process to ascertain the QMS continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness. The appropriateness of the records maintained and their retention period may also be reviewed.


Related documents
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Appendix 1 Control of Records Summary Flow Chart

Master records list

Records generated as outputs of key processes

Records filed in defined locations and maintained for retention period specified Statutory and regulatory retention periods

Master records list Retention period reached?

Records reviewed by MR and records past their retention period either left in-situ, archived or destroyed Audit schedule Ongoing legibility, identification and retrievability reviewed through periodic audit

Records and associated data reviewed prior to / during management review