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Robert Duckworth English Classes Taught: 1.

English Skills Learning: Basic English Conversation Pronunciation Intensive (memorization and recitation of famous American speeches: JFK, MLK, Obama, etc.) Vocabulary Builder (intensive study based on Merriam Websters WOTD) Textbook-Based General English Classes (Common Errors in English Japanese Students Make, etc.) Newspaper/Internet News Reading (Guardian UK, etc.) Advanced Reading (short, graded novels) Creative Writing Workshop Advanced English Editing (Chicago Manual of Style) Formal & Informal Writing and Corrections J/E Translation (technical, non-technical, various materials) English Loanwords in Japanese English and Films Educational Dramatized TV Series for English Learners (Connect With English, entire 1 year series) English and American TV Dramas (Ally McBeal, The West Wing, Sex and the City, Ugly Betty, Lost, etc.)

2. Content-Based/Specialty-Area Topics: Public Speaking Suite (each taught separately): General Public Speaking, Moderated Roundtable Discussion, Extemporaneous Speaking, Debate (American style, based on 6 month student research period, with actual judged, semi-public debate match as final project) Cross Cultural Communication (America & Japan) Comparative Culture (America & Japan) Contemporary American Political Biography (focused on JFK, Obama, and their administrations) Philosophy Suite (each taught separately): Ethics, Logic, Ancient Philosophy Theater Suite (each taught separately): Drama/Acting (based on student auditions, 3-6 month rehearsal period, with actual judged, semi-public performance as final project), Improvisational Theater, Inside the Actors Studio (advanced listening & discussion of interview-based TV program) English Song Lyrics (meaning, socio-cultural backdrop, artist profiles, directed discussion into theme of song, etc.) Physical Fitness 3. Placement and Aptitude Test-Taking Skills TOEIC TOEFL EIKEN Institute Placement Tests (for entry into college/university)