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What was Gilgamesh able to do in Uruk by birthright? Take brides on their wedding nights Who survived the flood and was later made immortal? Utanapishtim Gilgamesh is written in the Sumerian language What is the name of the goddess of birth that created a boundless human race? Aruru A folk epic is described as the sort of long poem telling a story of a cultures heroic values that originates in oral story-telling and is written down only later in its development. True Who is the housekeeper of the netherworld? Ninshuluhha In Gilgamesh the story is that the gods sent a terrible flood to drown humankind because they were unconscionably evil, having lost all sense of right and wrong. False What valley is formed in the combat between Gilgamesh and Humbaba? The rift valley of Lebanon The epic of Gilgamesh is the greatest work of ancient Mesopotamia. Which of the following isnt an epic convention? Epics are filled with allusions to other literature Which of the follow isnt an epic convention related to the beginning of an epic open? Epics begin with the birth of a superhuman hero Which character begs for his life, but Gilgamesh kills him anyway? Humbaba The follow term literally means god out of the machine but refers to the intervention of gods in human affairs. Deus ex machina Which term means hatred of women? Misogyny The following is the epitome of strength unleashed by one angry god/goddess on an entire city for the insults of two men. The bull of heaven.