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PU eee osu a lee GUITAR SCHOOL did ier a The Guitar Gospel According to Luke rae y Pa ae Ee a Ra Pe ae ae Re ete OL rete ned Se Se nc een Coenen ere ee A LS shouldhearit,butitsreallyfora veryspeciicaudience” Sai one nen cece Pieeierrsti ee ecient Come nancar ans nares se Pliers eons osc ng Jt was so sweet to be validated like that in 2002 tn eee ee TLL) Jottome. Pus, eversincel'v been hanging swith Cailton, hes just opened up any whole thing; he's bean so saacous in lating is knowledge with me, Like whet? Alltho #-V turnaround self whieh I dont for a second consider to hove mastered — like playing melodie minor up a half step vor the chord [Asmdlodie minor aver G7) ‘Theres no point in just playing.scaler, butt opens up your eywsand yourears ty awhole ther passbility of playing theblues—how you an incorporate that aver I-1V-¥ ‘changes say in the Ley of G (Fig. 1A. Orthis augmented thing Fig. 1B} Thereareallthese ‘other notes you ean use. We cid the record al the Have Note tin ‘Osaka, Japan), and every night Visit down ina mom with Larry and go, “Okay. what's mylesson for te daye” Hed critique my play Ing and saythings ike, “‘Thatwasagreatset, ‘andyou were buming, but heres something to think about..." Then hell uarew out all, test oie: options, URE: “Ia the key of E Yyoucould play aiound FB By 8, Amd D major triads” in other woids, stop think {ng int, and siartthinking oth [Fig 2) He thinksinte:ms ofthreeto fveditfereni chord substitutions at all times, So if you're just Jonraing in you can cura the whole jan Inside oi [Figs-84-B), instal of ust play ing E minor pentatonic stull, Although, if strange bends you six that up wih som [nigs-44-B), diathelps, Thore aro alot of interesting Bonde in your more famous leads. Like this Hig. 5]?That kind ofliko the Sse solo in “Rosanna,” whare I bend up to with myring finger than grata Ri wath my pinky Thatsagandone, hacnuse isnot the Dinioushend ‘What kinds of thinas were iniuencna ‘your ines back then-especally vour use of chromatic passing tones? WsiustizestlT ike this lx. 6), The whole thing abou Teac bow co play azz 0 come to the realization there are really no wrong notes; every nore has a pave. 1 al here you'e going that makes you « legit imate player or not. It the right iV turn around or voice-leadinginto theneet change while steying in the sale tht sopecaes the men irom the bors Were you listening to alot of jazz players? Yeah, I was listening to a lot of that stu But what really changed everything for me was Carlton’ playing on [Steely Dan's) Royal Scar. Hearing that soundé—a mek Sounit playing dhrotigh changes—struck a neive with me. He was cranking up tis Hoge amp and playing bebop lines with the blues in there, oc, ‘that's where all that eluomaticism—trying to snake an (SE) oA (Ha8] oH AERA eee! oneiineRatsn rete aS [Fa aa] oT ‘Ta.GUITAR ONE « gutaronemeg.com s DECEMBER 2002 GUITAR SCHOOL - - Eminer scl sounda it move mtr. | EER) MEAN ing comes from, You studied m right? went there during high school with Mike Landau, Sve Porcaro, Carag, and allot ‘ouirbuds Wewantedto*stady" mate Fagin the concept these days! landan and | used to practice together wel try to play everything, We thought thestudio guy" thing was really | [ER7] @7iGtbanaga hip: thet was thebig quest. Wed tle every gi Rtg you ould possi think of—inanystyle—jast togetourplayingand walingchops up. There was se mach five work then, because there werent any machines. an with demo ses- sions, you could get like $25 a tune—pretty good in 1974. You sartgettinganto hat seen, and thar where you learned tov to record Then. when somebody gave you ashotat the | bigtime, youknewhow to getyout sound and hhpwto find partsreal quick. Thereis ro school for dial Of ourse the workdlowst exist now anyway, Iva eine dierent er ree tine at Dick Grove Instituto, What gear are you playing these days? ‘My Enie all Music Mao is the onfy guitar 1 pay-L mean, Igocall my vintogestuf, but! play Ue Muse Man, Lave for 1D yeas xv ea anuste Insuinent isso diverse, used i through a Marshall 212 on everysongon the new Towo alburn [hirvugle dee Looking Gls (EMD). Allthe effets were done ae the desk, eaid,"Tmgoana proveapoint a not gona sure anything? You know, "skater aad sll thatrack shit, blah bz, blah.” ve heard it All Masbe in 1005 1 wor a litle ver the top ‘sithi, bur twa all owobsack hen! Nowlm ok tausingthe Rradehaw alt hoteadchawprearp, hen classic Us and thesamerwo‘lely inks. hel exican PUM that weselsince 1986, Lined gave mos ern plerackmounted things. Ialso ise theOuation © aitonemaren for acoustic suf, bot inthe studio and ive eerine ‘Tm geting ie more ane: more sim. Gay Umma Gsm Gt BO Telus about Santamenta ding new Christmas records day— alanalogona 24-uack, no lik, OM sc Ninety percent ofthesolos were lve, ecept for the guests who played on it Hedi Van Tne played on “Joy 1 the World" which is, like “Hot fr Teacher’ space-boogie tempo. Siash and Mike Landau came by. My son. ‘Tiowor played gute with SteveVai ontrack, ugar Winter came out and did “Winter Wondeiland"—lvinginan fgarincerwon devine do a*}ingle Bes duet with Sammy Davis re sampled bimand ald awhols“big Dane” thing around him, (bakaters au aie coleter of Sunny Davis fe memorabio— Fa Theres ayoug on tie that dedeatedo Jet Heck isaenarmonteave Nigh toby Heet-0 sive 0 respect. muhonotedtbeishne esa py Wino should never, ever ake a gitar lesson itaugts—ne sa uitaTessoa! He wet richun. pickin’ shit/Fig.7)—allkinds own suuff in there (Fg. 9}. Between Beck, bf stult (Fg. 4), Lalo did a solo-guitar ver- Carlion, Hendeis, and all the bebop guys ston of “The Christmas Song” arranged | Tn just some weird amalgamation of all nutty by Carlton, butt sheewsome ot my | these cas! grew up listening ia. 3 76 GUITAR ONE. gultroromagcon » DECEMBER 2002