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Physical Education I Course Syllabus

Teacher Information: Name: Dawn Fairey E-Mail: dfairey@lexington1.net Phone: (803) 821-1980 Name: Tracy Gooding E-Mail: tgooding@lexington1.net Phone: (803) 821-1975

Course Description This course is the required physical education class designed to meet state requirements for secondary physical education. Students will be encouraged to participate, achieve, and maintain a health enhancing level of fitness to promote a healthy lifestyle. Focus will be the development of proficient skills to competently participate in a variety of physical activity and to inspire the pursuit of lifetime fitness. Students are encouraged to apply what is learned to make a transition from the physical education class to real life. Upon the successful completion of this course, students will receive 1 unit of credit towards graduation Instructional Philosophy It is our hope that, by providing a safe, creative, and stimulating physical education environment, students are encouraged to use their minds and bodies to discover, analyze, and apply their knowledge to become lifetime movers. A physically educated individual understands the benefits of physical activity and its contribution to a healthy lifestyle. Our goal at Gilbert H.S. and Lexington School District 1 is to promote personal meaning and enjoyment of physical activity while preparing 21st century graduates who are technologically proficient and inspired to strive for a lifetime of health related fitness. South Carolina Physical Education Standards The student will demonstrate competence in motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. The student will demonstrate understanding of movement concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics as they apply to the learning and performing of physical activities. The student will participate regularly in physical activity. The student will achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness. The student will exhibit responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical-activity settings. The student will demonstrate awareness that physical activity provides the opportunity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and social interaction. General Course Information: Upon completion of PE 1 each student will be able to: Demonstrate competency in at least two movement forms. Movement forms are: Individual, Team, Dual, Outdoor Pursuits, and Dance. Design and participate in an appropriate physical fitness program to achieve a desired level of fitness. Participate in regular physical activity outside of class to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 1

Maintain a fitness log of physical activity outside of class. Meet gender and age group fitness standards established by the National Association of Sport and Physical Education NASPE Cooperatively participate with others by demonstrating sportsmanship in sport and fitness related activities while maintaining a strong work ethic. Use technology to research sport and fitness related topics. Demonstrate knowledge and application of rules and strategies relating to various sports

Major Assessments and Grading Practices Grading Procedures: Due to the content of this course, most of the assessments are authentic in nature, i.e., they are performance or project based, presentations, or observed tasks. Students are expected to dress out and participate daily to accomplish all of the objectives for this course. Written assessments will also be interwoven into the curriculum to reflect cognitive understanding of the content. The grading components of the course are as follows: Dress out: Students will be required to dress appropriately for Physical Education. A Physical Education uniform is required. Students will not be permitted to participate in activity if he/she is not dressed appropriately. The student will not receive any points for participation and is expected to make up any missed assignments or skills test. Each student has 3 free days over the course of the semester. These are to be used for lost, forgotten uniforms, or other emergencies that may arise. Appropriate physical education clothing includes the following: Issued Physical Education uniform shirt and shorts Sneakers/tennis shoes with rubber soles (flip flops, slip on shoes, Crocs, Sperrys, etc are prohibited) Shorts must be worn above the hips or at the natural waistline. Shorts should not be rolled up at the waist to shorten the length. While outside during cold weather, students are allowed to wear wind suits or sweats over their clothes Any large earrings or dangly jewelry must be removed. Students may wear sunglasses and a hat outside, only if it is positioned properly to block harmful rays from the sun. Sunscreen should also be worn when outside.

Daily Practice (Participation): The acquisition of motor skills and fitness are directly related to practice and participation. Students are expected to actively participate to acquire the skills necessary to meet the objectives of this class. Students are also expected to exercise at home in order to improve her/his overall fitness and to meet health related fitness standards. If a student has a short term medical condition prohibiting him/her from participating in class activities, the student must present a medical excuse. If it is a long term medical condition, an alternative course should be considered and physical education should be taken at a later date. This will ensure the student receives credit for the course. Skills Tests: Students are assessed based the South Carolina Physical Education Assessment Program (SCPEAP) and the national standards. Skills tests will be administered as summative assessments with each unit taught over the course of the semester to determine the students competency. Students will take 4 skills tests per 9 weeks. Unit Tests: Written tests will also serve as summative assessments at the end of each unit to determine the understanding of strategy and rules of sport, fitness concepts and safety. Quizzes may be given as a formative 2

means of determining student understanding during the course of the unit. Students will take 4 unit tests per 9 weeks. Fitness Testing: Students are required to meet gender and age group fitness standards as specified by the FITNESSGRAM. Fitness is ongoing throughout the semester and is tailored to the needs for each student. FITNESSGRAM will be taken during the second week of the first nine weeks as a formative assessment to identify the students baseline fitness level. The second and third tests will be given taken the middle and end of the semester as summative assessments to determine the degree of change in overall fitness. Notebook and Fitness Log (Student Portfolio): A notebook is required to take notes for tests, journal writing, handouts, and other written assignments related to the class. Students will also create a fitness profile that includes individual fitness goals, weekly exercise logs, and a personal fitness program. The portfolio will be graded weekly. Homework Policy: Due to the standards for this course, students are required to keep a fitness log of activities participated in outside of class. Parents are asked to verify the fitness activities each week. The log will be checked the last day of the week, and will not be accepted without a parent verification signature. Late fitness logs will not be accepted. Summative Grades will be weighted on the following point system and will comprise 100% of the total grade. First Nine Weeks Skills Tests 60% Unit Tests 10% Fitness Testing 20% Student Portfolio 10% 480 80 160 80 ____________ Total 100% Total Points 800 Second Nine Weeks 480 80 160 80 ____________ Total Points 800 Semester 960 160 320 160 ______________ Total Points 1600

Formative Grades will be documented as follows and will not be counted in final grades: 1 = Work Not Submitted: Student has not attempted to demonstrate progress toward meeting the standard. 2 = Insufficient Progress: Based on what has been taught and assessed, progress toward meeting the standard is not evident. 3 = Progressing: Based on what has been taught and assessed, progress toward meeting the standard is evident. 4 = Meets Standard: The student has met the standard. First Nine Weeks Second Nine Weeks Final Exam (see District #1 exemption policy) 40% 40% 20%

LEXINGTON DISTRICT ONES GRADING SCALE: 93 - 100 85 - 92 77 - 84 70 - 76 0 - 69 A Exceeds expectations B Meets Health Science standards and expectations C Passing grade, but does not meet standards D Passing, but only meets minimum standards F Failing, does not meet minimum standards 3

Extra Help Opportunities Great leaders recognize that there is no shame in asking for or receiving extra help to promote understanding and the development of skills. Students are encouraged to seek extra help from their peers, their teacher, or others who have the knowledge or skills to assist. Teachers will post times they are available before, during or after the school day, as well as ways they may be accessed through email. It is the students responsibility to communicate that additional help is needed. Behavior Plan Students are expected to follow the school-wide classroom management plan. The discipline with be handled in accordance to the High School Policy and Lexington School District One policies. Behavior infractions will be dealt with through the following: 1st Infraction 2nd Infraction 3rd Infraction Warning (may include contact with parent) Contact parent Administrator intervention

Absences: Students are allowed five unexcused absences in a semester course. Students are allowed ten unexcused absences in a year long course (embedded classes). To be excused, all absences must be reported to the attendance office. Gym Procedures *All school rules will be enforced. After attendance is taken and announcements are given, you will proceed to the locker room and dress for class. Food and drink are prohibited in the locker rooms, weight room, and gyms. You will have 10 minutes to dress into your uniform and report to your assigned spot. Students will have 10 minutes to dress back into their school clothes at the end of the class period and report to the assigned meeting place. Students will not be permitted to go back into the locker room after class begins. The locker room will be secured and locked. If the student plans to leave early for a doctors appointment etc she/he will notify the teacher before class begins. Students will be encouraged to use the bathroom while in the locker room while getting dressed for class. Leaving the gym, weight room area, or field for any reason, without permission will result in disciplinary action. Any type of headwear is prohibited indoors whether it's in the gym, or the weight room. Hanging from the basketball rims and nets are prohibited. Profanity is prohibited at all times and will not be tolerated in the classroom setting. Always stay with your class when moving to and from the activity areas we will be using. All students must treat each other with respect. Ridiculing others will not be tolerated.

The locker room must always be kept clean. Please use the trash cans available. The teacher will check the locker room before and after class. Lockers: Each student is assigned a small overnight locker and a large locker for class use only. Students are prohibited from sharing lockers. It is the students responsibility to lock their personal belongings in their locker during class. The staff is not responsible for thefts. School-issued locks are provided for student use. Locks not issued by the school will be removed. Students are expected to return locks at the end of the semester. Students who lose their lock will be required to pay a replacement cost of $10. Electronics: Unless otherwise specified by the teacher, students are required to lock their electronic devices in their lockers. This includes, but not limited to, the following items: musical devices, headphones, iPad, and cell phone. Jewelry: Lexington School District One PE teachers strongly encourage you not to wear jewelry during class. PE teachers will not be responsible for holding it or watching it. Jewelry could cause injury to you and others. Leave unnecessary valuables at home. Showers: Showers are encouraged for health and social reasons. If you would like to shower, please bring a towel and toiletries from home. You will be responsible for it.

Lexington School District I Physical Education Department Student Consent: I have read, understood and I am willing to comply with the expectations and procedures established by Mr. Gooding and Gilbert High School. I will accept the consequences reflected in the syllabus if I should refuse to abide by them. I sign under no undue compulsion, but by my own free will. I acknowledge and understand my responsibilities in successfully completing physical education and attaining 1 unit of credit towards graduation. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Student Signature Date Parent Consent: I/we have read and understand the expectations for physical education and will support Mr. Gooding in her effort to provide an effective learning environment. We also understand this course will require a significant amount of effort on the students part.

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