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Booster Pump Installation Instructions

1. Install pressure switch in tank line. (See diagram on back for where to place the pressure switch). 2. Pump must be located within 2 feet of pressure switch and within 6 feet of power outlet. A. Pump can be mounted to the wall horizontally in either direction or vertically only one way ~ with pump head and fittings down. B. Pump can sit on floor or shelf on its feet C. Pump can be mounted on the reverse osmosis bracket if sufficient space is available. 3. Install the line (hose) that comes out from pre-filters (after #3 in the diagram) into the pump inlet. Then install the hose into the pump outlet side. From there the hose line will be installed into the ASO (auto shut off) valve into the in side. (Note: pump has flow direction arrows on head). 4. Electrical ~ connect pressure switch wires to the electrical male studs. You connect to the top and bottom stud leaving the center open. Connect the pressure switch wires to the 24v adapter and to the pump. 5. Booster pump system is now ready to operate when water is turned on and 24v adapter is plugged into 110/120 V power source.

Booster Pump Installation Diagram

This diagram is applicable for the 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 stage RO systems Diagram is the setup for a 5 stage however the placement of the booster pump and pressure switch is applicable to all stages