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Easiest DNA Extraction from Bacteria

Any bacterial suspension
2.5% Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS)
Water Bath (60-65o
95% Ethanol (chilled)

Safety: Be careful working with Bacterial culture! Wash hands!

1. Add 5 ml. Bacterial suspension to a test tube.
2. Add 1 ml. of 2.5% SDS to the Tube with Bacterial suspension, gently rotate and
swirl to
mix in SDS approx. 5 min.
3. Stand tube in a 60-65o
C water bath for 30 min.
4. Allow to cool to room temp.
5. Place a stirring rod into the test tube and add 2 ml. of cold 95% ethanol
slowly with the
dropper down the stirring rod into the tube.
6. Hold tube at a 45 degree angle and slowly rotate your stirring rod clockwise
touching sides of tube) approx. 5 min.
7. Remove rod and immerse rod with bacterial DNA in 95% ethanol for approx. 2