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Development of Education in Public Administration

What is Public Administration?

Public administration can be defined as the implementation of policy by civil servants within an official government's executive framework. Public administrators manage nearly every aspect of public service at the state and local levels offering the opportunity to help shape the future.

Public administration degree

A public administration degree provides an academic background for individuals pursuing a career in both government and nongovernmental/non-profit organizations.

Development of Education in Public Administration in the USA

History: During the first third of the 20th century professions and professional education was born Many occupations became professions, including administration, accounting, journalism, social work and others


Recognised professions (medicine and law) strengthened pre-entry education for admission into their ranks In the same period, higher education was professionalized: professors organized themselves and developed standards of entry

Carreer orientation

A large part of higher education became preparation for career occupation or for professions


Public administration was part of a larger movement towards professionalization Similar to other fields (other emerging professions) Distinctive features (fear of concentrated governmental power and bureaucracy)


Shared with other emerging professions Lack of development or slow development of career opportunities for graduates Shortage of financial and other resource support


Professional education in public administration is concerned with: Application, operations and performance of public administration, not primarily with theory, abstractions and research methodology

PA and other disciplines

It draws on other relevant disciplines (law, sociology, political science, IT, economics) It develops the insights and skills needed to plan, determine policy, organize, manage and implement programs and operations


Professional education is problem-oriented It is concerned with the functions, operations and substance of what is being planned and executed

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