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David Cronenberg


“Our own perception of reality is the only one we’ll accept, it’s all we have to go
on, and, if you’re going mad, that is still your reality”
-David Cronenberg

“When was the last time a gynecologist was in a movie, even as a figure of fun?
There’s something taboo there; something strange and difficult.”
-David Cronenberg
“For Ferrari’s, red.”
- David Cronenberg, asked about his favorite color

FILMOGRAPHY Elliot Mantle: I've often thought that there

should be beauty contests for the *insides*
Transfer (1966) 7 mins, color, 16mm of bodies.
(screenplay, cinematography, editor)
From the Drain (1967) 14 mins, color, Beverly Mantle: There's nothing the matter
16mm (Also screenplay, cinematography,
with the instrument, it's the body. The
Stereo (1969) 65 mins, B&W, 35mm woman's body is all wrong!
Crimes of the Future (1970) 65m, color,
35mm (Also producer, screenwriter,
director of photography, editor)
Shivers (1975) 87 mins, color, 35mm (Also
Rabid (1976) 91 mins, color, 35mm (Also
Fast Company (1979) 91 mins, color, 35mm
(Also screenwriter)
The Brood (1979) 91 mins, color, 35mm
(Also screenwriter)
Scanners (1980) 103 mins, color, 35mm
(Also screenwriter)
Videodrome (1982) 87 mins, color, 35mm
(Also screenwriter) CHANG AND ENG
The Dead Zone (1983) 100 mins, color,
The Fly (1986) 92 mins, color, 35mm (Also
screenwriter, actor) Give me absolute control over every living soul
Dead Ringers (1988) 115 mins, color, 35mm And lie beside me, baby that’s an order!
(producer, screenwriter) -Leonard Cohen, “The Future”
Naked Lunch (1991) 115 mins, color, 35mm
(screenplay) Timortis Conturbat Mea
M. Butterfly (1993) 102 mins, color, 35mm (the fear of death disturbs me)
Crash (1996) 110 mins, color, 35mm (Also -David Cronenberg
eXistenZ (1999) 96 mins, color, 35mm
Benjamin Pierce: My art... keeps me sane.
(Also producer, screenwriter)
Spider (2002) 98 mins, color, 35mm (Also [gestures at plaster head]
producer) Benjamin Pierce: Art.
A History of Violence (2005) 96 mins, [taps his temples]
color, 35mm Benjamin Pierce: Sane.
Eastern Promises (2007) 100 mins, color, - from Scanners

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