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Provisional Certificate

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World-Class Academy for Vocational Excellence

Diploma in Banking Financial Services and Insurance

Appearing Certificate
This is to certify that POOJA LALA PAWAR having Learner ID 84253051212142 has appeared for "Final Exam: Final Exam Banking Financial Services Insurance" on 29-January- 2013 at Assets Computers, 32210027 ,Buldhana,

Section Mid-Term Examination Final Exam: Final Exam Banking Financial Services Insurance Total Marks

Marks Obtained Shall be provided in the Final Certificate 45 Not yet available*

Maximum Marks 50 50 100

Result Not yet available* PASSED Not yet available*

*Following is the criteria for passing WAVE Examination successfully: Final Passing 40 Marks Out of 100 o Individual passing in Mid Term and Final Exam with 40% Marks Passing criteria is same for fresh as well as re-exam learners. Learner passed in Midterm and Final Exam will be eligible for Passing Certificate. Certificate will include following details. o Total Percentage = --% (Midterm + Final Exam) Only passed Candidates will receive Final Certificate __________________________ Signature of Exam Center Coordinator
Important Note: 1. The certificate is only valid for the purpose of acknowledgement and the final certificate will be issued afterward. 2. This certificate is not valid unless signed by the Exam Center Coordinator and with seal of the Center.

__________________________ Seal of Exam Center

http://erasrv/ERA5/Reports/PrintWaveProvisionalCerti.aspx?&course_id=6&exam_id=155&cand_id=114... 1/30/2013