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Amelia Hasbrouck Issues Graphic Organizer Bless Me, Ultima

People are often held to expectations that they do not really want to achieve.

Example(s) in novel
Antonio is Catholic and everyone expects him to be a priest because of his familys history. Antonio does not know if this is what he truly wants to be yet; a Luna or a Marez.

Example(s) in todays world

We had a big scandal with Prince Harry in Las Vegas. He is held to certain expectations for being royal when all he wants to do is be a normal young adult and have fun. People are always passing judgment on politicians. They either believe or disbelieve everything bases on political stance before knowing what kind of person they really are A video has gone public of a father and son mocking the walk of a girl with cerebral palsy. The girl states she is afraid to go outside because they constantly bully her.

People often pass judgment before really getting to know someone

Children can be just as cruel as adults to one another and their crimes often resonate what they witness from adults

Theresa and many people in the town believe Ultima is a witch and fear her. Antonios mother and Antonio, who truly know her, call her a woman of knowledge and caring. Antonio is bullied for his friendship with Ultima, the kids call her a witch. He is also beaten up by the other kids while awaiting their first confession because he does not want to be their practice priest