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Amelia Hasbrouck Bless Me, Ultima Major Assessment Bless Me, Ultima Written Response Assessment Directions: Please

select three of the following five short answer questions about the novel. In order to receive full credit you must: Answer the question, provide evidence from the text, and provide at least two sentences of commentary which explain your reasoning behind your answer and evidence provided. Please use your own sheets of blank notebook paper and mark which questions you are answering. 1. What is the authors purpose for writing Bless Me, Ultima and how is it still relevant in todays society? 2. Explain the role of religion and spirituality in Bless Me, Ultima? 3. Select and analyze the use of two or more symbols in the novel. 4. Assess the role of dreams in the novel and how they function in furthering the plot and in how they reveal Antonios character and role in the novel. 5. Analyze how the South West setting (the llano) of the novel serves as a central theme to the story.