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Talk Show Proposal March 2013

On Air Personality Name: Lady B Show Title: The Buzz Mission: To discuss and or debate the latest currents events from various viewpoints, while educating and entertaining viewers. Subject Areas: All current events (news, pop culture, entertainment, politics, etc) Basic Live Show Set-Up About 2-3 panelists and I would discuss the topics for that show 3-4 topics will be discussed per 60min show, or 2-3 topics in 30mins I would introduce the topic(s) and provide the factual information about the topics. I'll begin the debate by giving my opinion and serve as the moderator during the discussion. listeners will be able to call in and add their opinions. Basic Recorded Show Set-Up A recorded show would have more panelists (3-4) And cover more topics per show (3-5 depending on the length of the show) Panelists Students, professors, community members, etc. I will select people based on their typical viewpoints (conservative, liberal, moderate, radical, religious, feminist, masculine, etc.) and the topics of that episode. The aim is to have panelists with different opinions. I hope to have some regular and reoccurring panelists. Examples of Show Topics Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) extended to LGBT, Native Americans, and immigrants. Mississippi baby cured of HIV (Do you think this may lead to a cure, or did doctors make a lucky mistake?) Georgia woman claims to have had an affair with MIchael Jordan, and claims he is the father of her teenage son. (Do you believe it? Are you surprised? Why are male public figures constantly involved in affairs and sex scandals?) Law & Order SVU airs a episode loosely based on the relationship of Chris Brown and Rihanna (was the episode accurate or extreme? Is it relevant years after the incident occurred?)