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Chubbie gave a big blow on my left plump cheek.

I shuddered from head to toe, my jaw trembled, and my palm reflexly shut my mouth. Slowly, as the excruciating pain relived, I lowered my hand. I recoiled in horror at the sight of the nauseous blood on my palm and to my shock one of my canine teeth which was loose for weeks, fall off. Clenching my fists, I felt like strangling and slashing those tomboys heads. Blood rushed through my veins and my face went red. Imagining their cruel figures, it came to my mind; I am so timid compared to those elephants. What could I do? Feeling down and embarrassed, I turned around and walked away, my head bowed. As I walked away tears trickled down my cheeks. I went straight on to the toilet and washed my blood-stained hand and my precious tooth. Worried my Mum would be waiting in the car, I strode as fast as possible to the hall the terrifying incident still revolving my mind. After picking up my scattered colour pencils, I put on my Ultraman school bag and left the place with my trophy. Reaching my dark blue car, I acted as if nothing had happened. As soon as I opened the car door, Mums face lit up, carving into a broad smile. You won! Mamas so proud of you, she cried, giving me a big hug and a kiss on my cheek. That was painful. Still, with all my might, I didnt show any sign that I was painful. No one can know you better than your mum Mum found out. What happened to you, Josh? Why theres blood stain on your mouth? she asked. Gaped, my heart said, Youve never ever washed your mouth properly before! I replied Mum, Oh that, actually, emmm.... my tooth fall today, when I was eating the bread. Thats your first falling tooth. You deserve a photograph, she said excitedly. Soon, she started the car engine. Smiling at her, I thought to myself, this day is going to be a poignant and dreadful memory in my life.