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Reflection Smartboard -I chose the smartboard because it makes the class more visual and hands on for the students. Touch screens -Touch screens being added to the classroom will help with visual learners, and it also brings a more interactive way to the classroom. It can also cut down on the cost of paper by submitting assignments or papers through the tablets. Digital Books -This will provide a vaster way for students to obtain their notes or readings for the lesson. Student will be able to access information for a class anywhere with digital books; this also falls under the more ecofriendly idea with touch screens and tablets. Clickers -Instructors of large auditorium style lessons can now involve the students in activities with the clicker device. Each student can answer questions and participate in class as if it were a smaller class with fewer students. Podcast -Podcast will allow students to access information on the go, whether it is a trivial article or a sizeable documentary. This will give information for students at their disposal. Dvds -I always found dvds to be helpful in class because it allowed me to see a connection between what was taught in class and to visually see what it is that I have learned.

Flash Cards -This is a great way for students to remember facts quickly. It is repetitious but the student will retain the information given to them. Skype -This will make the instructor more available to their students. If a student has a schedule that hard to work with allowing skype will give this student a chance to communicate with their instructor. Online Classes -This will broaden education for more than an average student. This will help people who have busy schedules or work long hours and still be able to accomplish their goals to gaining an education. Interactive Software -Pearson Education is great interactive software for students to complete assignments that are given in class.

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