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Name: Cycle IV. July 13rd , 2013.

I. Put in some and any, page 159. Unit 75. Murphy

1. I bought .. cheese but I didnt buy . bread.
2. Im going to the post office. I need .. stamps.
3. There arent shops in this part of town.
4. George and Alice havent got . children.
5. Have you got . brothers or sisters?
6. There are beautiful flowers in the garden.
7. Do you know good hotels in London?
8. `Would you like ..tea?` `Yes, please.
9. When we were in holiday, we visited .. very interesting places.
10. Dont buy .. rice. We dont need
11. I went out to buy .. milk but they didnt have . in the shop.
12. Im thirsty. Can I have water, please?
II. Complete the sentences. Use some or any + one of these words:




photographs batteries friends


milk shampoo

I want to wash my hair. Is there .?

This evening Im going to write .
I havent got my camera, so I cant take .
Do you speak foreign ..?
Yesterday evening I went to a restaurant with of mine.
Can I have . in my coffee, please?
The radio isnt working. There arent ..in it.
Its hot in this office. Im going out for .. fresh .
`Would you like..?` `No, thank you. Ive had enough to eat.
I can do this job alone. I dont need .

III. Complete the sentences. Use some or any.

1. Ann didnt take any photographs but ... (I /take)
2. `Wheres your luggage?` ........... (I /not / have)
3. Do you need any money?` `No, thank you. .. (I / have)
4. Can you lend me some money? Im sorry but .. (I / not/ have)
5. The tomatoes in the shop didnt look very good, so (I / not / buy)
6. There were some nice oranges in the shop, so.. (I / buy)
IV. A: Write these sentences again with no. page 161, Unit 76.
1. We havent got any money.

2. There arent any shops near here.

3. Carol hasnt got any free time.

4. There isnt a light in this room.

B: Write these sentences again with any
5. Weve got no money.

6. Theres no tea in the pot.

7. There are no buses today.

8. Tom has got no brothers or sisters.

V. A: Put in no or any page 161, Unit 76.

1. Theres . sugar in your coffee.
2. My brother is married but he hasnt got children.
3. Sue doesnt speak .. foreign languages.
4. Im afraid theres .. coffee. Would you like some tea?
5. Look at those birds! Where ? I cant see birds.
6. Do you know where Jane is ? No, Ive got .. idea.
B. Put in no, any or none.
7. There arent . pictures on the wall.
8. The weather was cold but there was wind.
9. I wanted to buy some oranges but they didnt have.. in the shop.
10. Everything was correct. There were. mistakes.
11. How much luggage have you got? .
12. How much luggage have you got? I havent got .
VI. Complete the sentences. Use any or no + one of these words:
Answer difference film friends furniture heating money photographs problems questions
1. Everything was OK. There were ..
2. They want to go on holiday but theyve got ..
3. Im not going to answer ..
4. Hes always alone. Hes got .. .
5. There is . between these two machines. Theyre exactly the same.
6. There wasnt in the room. It was completely empty.
7. I tried to phone you yesterday but there was . .
8. The house is cold because there isnt . .
9. I cant take . . Theres . in the camera.
Complete the sentences with some or any, page 165 William R. Smalzer. Unit 82.
1. We didnt buy . flowers.
2. Im going out tonight with friends of mine.
3. Have you seen . good movies recently? No, I havent been to the movies for
4. I didnt have . money, so I had to borrow
5. Can I have milk in my coffee, please?
6. I was too tired to do .. work.
7. You can cash these travelers checks at bank.
8. Can you give me information about places of interest in this area?
9. With the special tourist bus pass, you can travel on .. bus you like.
10. If there are words you dont understand, use a dictionary.
Complete the sentences with no, none, or any, page 167 William R. Smalzer. Unit 83.
1. It was a holiday, so there were . stores open.
2. I dont have . money. Can you lend me some?
3. I couldnt make an omelette because there were. eggs.
4. I couldnt make an omelette because there werent . eggs.
5. How many eggs do we have? Should I go and buy some?
6. We took a few pictures, but . of them were very good.
7. What a stupid thing to do! intelligent person would do something like that.
8. Ill try and answer questions you ask me.
9. I couldnt answer of the questions they asked me.
10. We canceled the party because of the people we invited were able to come.