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GLA-WEL 0" a in form Delivery Programme: Penstocks, Valves and Pipe Fittings “ls Telephone +49 5422 94390-1 m Telefax +49 5422 94390-9 m= www.gla-wel.de www.gla-wel.de GLA-WEL i" in form Your Partner for more Success Complete Solutions from one Source li Sewage Technology i Laser Cutting §§ Folding / Rounding / Bending ® CNC-Machining | Component Manufacturing ™§ Surface Treatment ® Machine Building GLA-WEL GmbH #@ Friesenweg 8a 49324 Melle = Telephone +49 5422 94390-1 Your Partner for more Success We are there to lend you support with over 20 years of experience in the production of fittings for water technology, sewage technology and waste water treatment technology and with these products on the market. Reliably, with delivery dependability and high-quality products. Quality and delivery dependability go without saying nowadays. You are, of course, absolutely right! However, GLA-WEL is a partner that can offer you more on a sustained basis. Not only that all CNC sheet metal forming procedures are used from laser cutting to surface finish, but also beyond that because GLA-WEL products — often highly specialised solutions — are at home in many industrial sectors. Based on this, our fittings have been improved continuously over many years. This high vertical range of manufacture ensures that you will be able to cope with almost every challenge in the future. Because you have a partner that knows the code of practice and continues to develop along with you and the market. And because you receive products that take part in everything. Durable and precision- processed stainless steel fittings that withstand the harshest climatic influences and that are technically flawless in operation. Business relations based on partnership, reciprocity, short paths. Those are the essential foundations that can be used together with us to lead your business dealings to success. We want you to be satisfied and to also stay that way in the long term! Important note: In any event please be sure to observe the current conditions of delivery and the general terms and conditions on our Internet page: www.GLA-WEL.de.