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lderness at ake hauj

Ariel view of “CAMP WILD”.
Mesmerizing backdrop of the Aravali range.
The camp resort has 15 African styled lodges made from alternate
construction materials using eco friendly resources such as bamboo,
grass straws, exposed red, fire & fly ash bricks using min plaster,
thermocol, and bare minimum wood.
6 of these lodges, made on an iron structure, have a very
interesting design of an attic with a sleeping capacity of 4 pax.
Options of Deluxe tents also available
Modern western bathrooms
Solar powered geysers for hot water baths
The conferencing venue – theatre style 50 pax
Air cooled interiors
Lunch Buffet
Fresh food with in-house
organic vegetables
Walk to the kitchen garden
Dhauj is a beautiful rock climbing venue
near Delhi. The natural ambience and the
rocks of the Aravali Hills are one of the
main strengths of “CAMP WILD”.

Unlimited adventure, team building &

leadership activities at the resort will lure
you. Choose from bouldering, amateur
scrambling, serious climbing, rappelling,
tryolene traverse, jumaring, hikes, more
than 12 obstacles, artificial rock climbing…

Obstacle Park
Tarzan Swing
Beam Balance
Commando tunnel crawl
Hop Scotch
Machaan Climb
Monkey crawl
Commando net climb
Burma Bridge
Cat walk in the air !
The adventure begins !
India’s only portable
knock down
artificial climbing
wall 24ft high with 2
climbing sides
Natural rock climbing
Scrambling up the
– the first step
And then it is a
smooth sail
At least 80 ft high!
Hiking in the
No man’s land !
Learning to pitch tents
Team builders
– knot maize
Human ski
Bird life
– painted storks arrive in winters
Welcome to the spirit of adventure !

Details of the Trip:

Venue: Aravali Valley, Dhauj Lake
Dates: 23th & 24th Feb, 2007
Charges: 2,699/- per head (includes
Contact :
Nadeem – 9891119466
Mukul – 9818830303
Akshay - 9810757574