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Case Study #__: Organizational Culture and Environment: The Constraints

In the case of BF Pharma, management view in operating the company is in symbolic, Mangers are held liable for the success and failure of the company, with the fact that it exist for 25 years already and still not recognizable by market, whether the name or the brand, it is an alarming verity, that something si wrong, it could be marketing technique, operational failure, or lack of strategies that could help in establishing the name of the company. The culture, affects the outcome of the copy, there are companies that exist for so many ears, but since the culture are not established and organizational pattern are not traced accordingly, they had a rough times in making a names in their industry, but the companies that shows culture from top to bottom, makes recognizable. In solving the problem of the company,, few actions must take and study again, the very reason of the existence of the company, stress out their mission and their vision as ac company as a whole, in line with this, People or organizational orientation must first study, create culture that gives identity to the company, create attitude that makes the company outstanding, a little branding can help and corporate ID will likewise help the a company.

Jhoanna Mary E. Pescasio MBA Student