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Republic of the Philippines Department of the Interior and Local Government BUREAU OF JAIL MANAGEMENT AND PENOLOGY REGIONAL

OFFICE IX BJMP Bldg. Barangay Lenienza, Pagadian City Telefax No. (062) 925 0733

TO SUBJECT Date : All PJAs, Wardens/Wardresses : 2013 Barangay Elections Gun Ban : 29 September 2013 1. References: a. Pursuant to Comelec Resolution No. 9715 which prescribed the calendar of activities and period of prohibited acts in connection with the October 28, 2013 Barangay Elections. b. VI by RD, BJMPRO9 OOA 0930H 29 September 2013, subject as above. 2. ICOW the above references, please be informed that Election Gun Ban for the upcoming 2013 Barangay Election will be imposed beginning 28 September 2013 until 12 November 2013. The COMELEC strictly imposed a total gun-ban for the duration stated above. 3. With this, All PJAs, Wardens and Wardresses please advise your personnel in your respective AOR to wear complete prescribed uniform when carrying firearms outside residence by means of valid mission order and in the actual performance of official duty, or in going to or returning from his residence. 4. For strict compliance.

ATTY MICHAEL E VIDAMO, SR., TLPE Jail Senior Superintendent, DSC Regional Director