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MINILESSON: Schema CONNECTION Weve been talking about reading comprehension.

Something that strong readers do when they read, is activate their schema or build upon it. TEACHING POINT Lets make a list of things we know about animals. (Teacher makes a list of 5-6 things the whole group came up with. Then separate the list into 5-6 pieces and spread in front of group.) These are the things we already know about animals. As readers, before you read a book you already have things stuck in your brain. This is your schema. Pretend this lint roller is your brain. (Teacher demonstrates lint roller picking up pieces of paper as it rolls over them.) Just like this lint roller your brain picks up information. Everyone has different schema, because our experiences are different. ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT (Show animal book) What has your lint roller already picked up? Turn and talk to your partner about your schema (what you already know) about this animal. (Discuss and read aloud to whole group) Marli Epperson Gerri Smith