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How to observe Mangala Gowri Puja?

- Smartha Mulakanadu Brahmins – Karnataka,

Mysore side……..paddathi/sampradaya
The method of performing Mangala Gowri puja varies from region to region. This is just to give
an idea about the ritual how my mother used to tell us… and how we did it….. You can always
be flexible in all Hindu rituals (it depends on paddati) what matters more is devotion. And one
should not ponder too much over the correct performance of rituals. A simple prayer consisting
of lighting a lamp and offering a fruit is more than enough. But even then there are lots of people
who want to know how to do it…….
Things Required for the Puja
• An image or idol of Goddess Gowri (God Shiva-Parvati Photo,
Annapurneswari Vigraha, Gangastaali and silver Ganapathi Vigraha)
and five pyramid shapes (Mangala Gowri) made from turmeric
powder(and little bit of Maida, add very little of Kumkuma). And One
Arisina Gowri(daakshayini). Total Six. You need to preserve this for
all the five weeks .
• Kalash or Kalasha
• PS: Generally, this Maida Gowri is done with milk (not with water)
on the previous day with madi sari or silk sari( with upasa-empty
stomach ) so as to get dry for the next day.
• Rice about 2 Kgs.
• Jaggery (decorate with ADDA Kumkuma, Arisina and Chandra)
• Blouse Piece folded like pyramid 5 Nos.(generally cotton blouse
pieces are used no polyester please)
• Cotton (Gejje Vastra or flower garland)
• 1 full Copra cut into half -2 no.
• 32 adikke and 32 pan leaves.
• Red flowers, Patre, and local available flowers
• Usual fruits (locally available) 5 types
• Upayana Dana (Plate of Rice and Two coconuts with Taambula,
• Poornaphala (One Tengina kaye/fruit with Tambula Dakshine)
• 16 tuppada Deepas(deepas made of wheat-Gulpapde)
• Naivedya – 16 unde (Gulpapde made of Ghee ,Jaggery and Godhi
• PS: You need to preserve these 6 Gowris for 5 wks upto Swarna
Gowri Vrata and do pooja along with Swarna Gowri and immerse
along with Ganesha on the day of Ganesha/Gowri idol immersion.

• Preparation
• House or the puja area is decorated with mango leaf festoons.
• Allthe above items are kept ready.
• The prasadam menu or the fruits to be offered is decided.(normally,
Two Kosambaris, Paanka, Fruits, Gulpapde(16 nos.)(put ghee on the
top at the time of nivedya), tengina kaayi, Baalehannu, boiled Milk-
with little bit of sakkare)
How to do the Puja
• Take a Big Mane (peeta) and clean it. Put Astadala padma rangoli
in center. Take one blouse piece and drape on mane.Keep the peeta
on the floor at the center of pooja place preferably facing east or
North direction.
• Take another similar mane and drape it with another blouse piece
and keep it vertical to the wall on this 1st mane.
• Place Shiva parvathi photo in the center.

Blouse Piece

• Place three blouse piece as above.
• Keep a big Silver thatte in the center of peetha
• Rice is dropped in the Silver thatte about half Kg .
• The Silver Kalasha is kept on the rice bed.
• The Kalasha is to be decorated with Sunna and Arishina(pl. note
sunna and arishina combination will give red in color)
• The Kalash is half-filled with water, Turmeric, Kumkum, Akshate,
• The inside neck of the Kalasha pot is decorated with betel leaves,
usually five in number.
• A cobra cut in to two pieces one half each and filled with 16 adike and
kept on 16 beetle leaf is placed on both sides of the silver thatte.
• Bale, Bichole,kadige,Kannadi and other gowramma abharana items
to be kept on the right of the Gowrammana kalasha.
• A mirror (Small mirror with stand) is placed in front of Kalasha.
• A large piece of jaggery (the four corner one) is kept at the side of the
• Now u can place the five pyramid shape Mangala Gowri made from
Maida and turmeric powder on the four corners of the jaggery and
one Turmeric Gowri (called dakshayini) in center - on the top of
• Decorate with Kumkuma and Chandra to all six Gowri.
• You can also put a garland made from cotton thread (gejje-vastra) or
flowers on the pyramid or idol.
• A Gangastaali and Annapoorneswari vigraha placed on the right of
the Kalasha.
• A Ganapathi Idol Silver will come in the front most of the plate.
• Now put rangooli all around the peetha and place deepada kambha
at the either side of peetha.
• At the center, put little big rangoli any thing with round shape.
There are lot of rangoli castings available(like flowers, leaf,Lines,
etc.,) in shops also. You can use them as well.
• Other pooja items like panchapatre, uddarane, arghya patre, neerige
chambu, udina kaddi, karpoora, halagaarathi, Ghante, and pooja
book –mangalagowri vrata, panchamrita (milk, curds, ghee, honey,
sugar and fresh coconut water), aarathi has to be kept ready for
• Keep aasanas ready for purohitaru and your self. (bidi chape or
• Please avoid using any steel items for pooja. As far as possible it
should be silver, copper, or kanchu.
• Last Tuesday (that is 4th or 5th week) – Please note -16 Gulpapde
unde to be kept in a new Chambu or vessel or silver chambu
decorated with flower and sunna and to be given to Mother as
taambula. Fifth year the same to be given along with Seere(Sari).
• Pl. take care to see that gowri is soaked in turmeric on a periodical
basis so as not to develop crack.
The Puja Begins
Purohitaru will conduct pooja. Give him upayana dana andtambula. purohitaru will
After the pooja, take mogache kai and rub it with beetle leaf. The juice of beetle leaf will
stick to moghache kai. Lit all the sixteen deepas and start singing the mangalagowri
haadu. Normally sung by elders/atte(Mother-inLaw)in the family. By the end of the song,
now the kaajal is made. atte will comb the hair of the daugher-in-law and she will give
flowers to her (Hoova mudisuvaru).
Now do the aarathi with this same 16 deepas to devi. Then regular two deepa-tuppada-
deepa aarthi,
Now give kaajal to all suvasinis who are invited for pooja and give them arishina
kumkuma, deepa(one deepa each) and flowers with tengina kayi taambula and dakshine.
Do the namaskara for suvasini and elders. Have prasadam. – No Eat-outs please.
End of the five weeks, you have to give these blouse pieces to five suvasinis during
Swarna-Gowri festival.

Hari: OM - Mangalam