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The Milk Collection Station is a specially designed, integrated unit, which combines the several functions of a milk collection centre. It measures the weight, fat content & gives the price of the milk brought in by the each producer. The equipment is particularly useful for the milk cooperatives / milk collection centres as it can also maintain a summary of milk supplied. This stateof the art equipment operates both on battery and mains and is able to process and record 120150 milk collection per hour. An Electronic Milk Weighing Unit, the Electronic Milk Tester & Data Processor Unit are main components of the system. The membership code of individual members are entered automatically by member identity card / manually by an electronic key-board.

Instant measurement of milk weight Instant measurement of milk fat Instant printout of amount payable Member identication by Card Milk collection is directly in the society's Can for Cow and Buffalo separately Fast & economical Centralised testing & payment Performs 120-150 samples per hour Shift end summary 31 days cumulative summary (in the part of 10 / 11 days)

Weight measurement : 0 -100 Kg. (Accuracy 1%) Fat measurement : 0 - 13% Data processor : No. of members 800 : Data storage - 31 days : Optional feature No. of members can be increased in the lot of 800 at additional charges. Power supply : AC: 220-240 V DC: 18 V

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