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PART A Descriptive Type Question

Question 1: Explain information system? Discuss various information systems available in any organization. Question 2: Explain the concept behind Batch Processing and transaction processing system. Question 3: Show with reference block diagram the various components of a computer system in details Question 4: What do you understand by classification of computers? Describe with example. Question 5: What do you mean by DBMS along with the facilities available? Also mention the role of database administrator. Question 6: What is meant by Network topology along with different network models. Question 7: What are the various security threats that computer organizations are facing today and why providing security is necessary? What is the advantage of using fire wall. Question 8: What do understand by electronic data interchange along with its advantage and disadvantage? Also discuss the components of EDI systems. Question 9: What do you understand by an Information System? Explain various categories of information system. Question 10: Show with reference to a block diagram, the structure of a digital computer and the interconnection of various units. Explain the functions of various units briefly. Question 11: What do you understand by a database management system? Explain the advantages of database management system over conventional file oriented data processing system. Question 12: Explain the various file-accessing techniques in data management system. Also state the advantages and limitations of each technique. Question 13: What is meant by Local Area Network and Wide Area Network? Differentiate between them and give one example of each. Question 14: What is an Internet? How it differs from Intranet? Explain the various Internet Tools. Question 15: What is multimedia? List the common multimedia devices. Explain the Application areas of multimedia system. Question 16: What do you understand by electronic data interchange? What is the purpose of EDI? State its advantages over traditional paper-based document transfer system. Question 17: What strategic role can information technology play in business process reengineering and total quality management? Question 18: What are various approaches of MIS development in the organization? Explain any two approaches in detail. Question 19: What are the benefits and limitations of the relational database model for business applications today? Why is the Object-oriented database model gaining acceptance for developing applications and managing the hypermedia databases at business websites?

Question 20: What are the business benefit and management problems of client/server networks? Discuss also in Network Computing and Peer-to-peer networks? Question 21: How can information systems support a company's business operations, discuss making by their managers, and give them a competitive advantage? Give examples to illustrate your answer? Question 22: What is meant by Network topology along with different network models? Question 23: Why there is a trend toward cross-functional integrated enterprise systems in business? Question 24: How do you think sales force automation affects salesperson productivity, marketing management, and competitive advantage? PART B CASE STUDY - 1
The Case of an E-Banking Information System Mr. Joshua , Director of the ZION Bank has Customers all over world. A customer may have one or more accounts in the Bank wide spread across one or more branches. Customers open bank accounts with a specified opening balance and thereafter may either deposit funds into the account or withdraws accounts from them. The transactions involve the opening of accounts, assignments of Account Numbers, Deposit and Withdrawal transactions etc. One of the most frequent requests for specific transactions carried out in the Bank. Customers would often want to transfer funds from one account of theirs to another. The account Numbering scheme now uniquely identifies the Bank Branch to which the account belongs. Customers often travel to the bank branch to request for a new cheque book. To ensure that Customers are ensured of high level security, the E-Banking services need to provide Customers with a unique Personal Identification password which can be changed from time to time. All Services are accessible only on correct password verification. The Customer may also look for information on Interest rates on Fixed Term Deposits which often change from time to time. a) How Mr. Joshua is going to maintain information on Bank branches and security password information on customers. b) Draw MIS design for the above case study covering every aspect of e-Bank.

CASE STUDY - 2 Compare the conventional banking system with electronic banking system covering all details on ATM, Telebanking, Payment systems (various cards like credit card, smart card etc) CASE STUDY 3
Advance Computers India Ltd. is a Civil Consulting Company based in Denver. The company is engaged in provides design consultancy for construction of residential apartments all over U.S.A. and Europe. In order to have higher profit the CEO of the company has set up various offices across various cities of India and has staff strength of around 500 people working these offices. They are working five days a week. The Overseas offices comprise of around 35 people and they coordinate with various clients for getting the jobs, passing the jobs to their Indian counterparts, getting the designs done and passing back the design solution to the clients. The Company has pro gressed

well since the last one year and they are getting lot of more jobs, but are finding it difficult to get the jobs done on time due to shortage of manpower. The company is also looking for ways to reduce some of its operating costs. They have hired one consultant for the purpose and he has prepared following list of expenses. He has to suggest means to reduce some of the costs and help in better way of the inter- departmental communications and managing o f database. Operations Expenses Telephone Costs $150,000 per year Employee Policy Manual $5.25 per manual for printing and distribution. Employee Benefit Counseling $50 per hour meeting Photocopying $100 per day

Question 1: Looking into the type of business the company is into, what will be good solution towards reducing costs? Question 2: What is the best way of sending the data from U.S. and Europe to India and vice versa? Give reason. Also for Inter-data exchange mechanism, which type off internet connection should the company go? Question 3: What will be the most effective active plan that will help in reducing cost in photocopying?

Part C
1. Computer can not do anything without a: (a) Chip (b) Memory (c) Output device (d) Software (e) None of these 2. Primary storage is--------------as compared to secondary storage. (a) Slow and inexpensive (b) Fast and inexpensive (c) Fast and expensive (d) Slow and expensive (e) None of the above 3. The memory which is programmed at the time it is manufactured: (a) ROM (b) RAM (c) PROM (d) EPROM (e) None of the above 4. Which of the following isn't used in the storage phase of a computerbased information system? (a) Magnetic disk (b) Keyboard (c) Diskette

Objective Type Set 1

(d) Hard disk (e) None of the above 5. A kind of serial dot matrix printer that forms characters with magnetically charged ink-sprayed dots is called: (a) Laser Printer (b) Ink-Jet printer (c) Both of the above (d) None of the above 6. Which of the following is not applications software? (a) Word processing (b) Spreadsheet (c) UNIX (d) Desktop publishing (e) None of the above 7. A translator which reads an entire program written in a high-level language and converts it into machine language code is called: (a) Assembler (b) Translator (c) Compiler (d) System Software 8. The database structure that treats files as tables is: (a) Relational database (b) Hierarchical database (c) Network database (d) All of the above (e) None of the above 9. Combining of records from two or more files into a single ordered file is called: (a) Sorting (b) Searching (c) Merging (d) None of the above 10) Which of the following is a query language? (a) Dbase (b) Access (c) Fox Pro (d) All of the above (e) None of the above 11) Which of the following are popular DBMS packages? (a) Dbase (b) Access (c) FoxPro (d) All of the above (e) None of the above 12) Web browser is a: (a) Hardware (b) Software (c) Hyperlink (d) All of the above (e) None of the above 13) Which of the following communication system uses simplex transmission mode? (a) Radio

(b) Television (c) Cable (d) All of the above (e) None of the above 14) Searching on a net can be done through: (a) Search Engines (b) Indexes (c) Both of these (d) None of these 15) Private networks set up by companies for their employees for purposes such as email, group brainstorming, access to corporate database etc is called: (a) Internet (b) Intranet (c) Pop-up-windows (d) All of these above (e) None of the above 16) Which of the following functions is supported by e-mail systems? (a) Composition (b) Reporting (c) Transfer (d) Disposition (e) All of the above 17) The internal structure of the World Wide Web is built on a set of rules called: (a) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (b) TCP/IP (c) All of the above (d) None of the above 18. Which of the following is not a wide area network? (a) ARPANET (b) INDONET (c) OMNINET (d) None of the above 19) ___________ is used to connect a terminal to a computer through public telephone lines. (a) Modem (b) Internet (c) Network (d) None of these 20) Following is the disadvantage of using interpreters. (a) Fast response (b) easy to write (c) Less memory requirements (d) Time consuming 21) To install multimedia facility into a computer one needs: (a) Sound card (b) Speakers (c) CD-ROM (d) All of the above (e) None of the above 22) The links that take the user to new page is: (a) Hypertext

(b) Hyperlink (c) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (d) All of the above 23) Application software can be acquired through: (a) Customs programming (b) Pre-written packages (c) Both of the above (d) None of the above 24) Which of the following is not an utility program? (a) Editing (b) Sorting (c) Merging (d) None of the above 25) The malicious program that damages your computer is called: (a) Worm (b) Viruses (c) Bugs (d) None of the above 26) Data entry can be performed with all of the following except? (a) OCR (b) COM (c) Voice recognition systems (d) None of the above 27) The two kinds of main memory are: (a) Primary and Secondary (b) Random and sequential (c) RAM and ROM (d) All of the above 28) What is the name of the screen symbol that shows the placement of the next character? (a) Mouse (b) Cursor (c) Track Ball (d) All of the above 29) A command that lets you change one or more fields in a record is: (a) Insert (b) Delete (c) Modify (d) None of the above 30) Data elements of related type are grouped into? (a) Record (b) Title (c) String (d) All of the above 31) A Hacker is: (a) A software program (b) An unauthorized person (c) A virus (d) All of the above 32) The interface between user and computer system is provided by: (a) Compiler

(b) Utility programs (c) Operating systems (d) All of the above 33) The process of navigating and exploring the World Wide Web is called: (a) Browsing (b) Surfing (c) Both of the above (d) None of the above 34) An unauthorized access to network can be prevented through: (a) Passwords (b) Digital signatures (c) Encryption (d) All of the above 35) Which of the following is not a search engine? (a) AltaVista (b) Lycos (c) Infoseek (d) Gopher 36) Computer Network spanning a global area is: (a) LAN (b) MAN (c) WAN (d) All the above 37) Transmission Channels used in LAN are: (a) Coaxial cable (b) Fiber-optics cable (c) Twisted wire (d) Both (a) and (b) (e) All of the above 38) Remote access to distant computers is called: (a) Telnet (b) FTP (c) Both of the above (d) None of the above 39) The floppy disks comes in two sizes. They are: (a) 3.5 inch & 5.25 inch (b) 2 inch and 3.5 inch (c) 2 inch and 4.25 inch (d) None of the above 40) 1 Byte is equal to combination of: (a) 16 bits (b) 8 bits (c) 2 bits (d) None of the above

Objective Type Set 2

S. No. 1. Question Computers are also known by the name Cache Memory is A Two state Back device B C D One state front device Erasable nonprogrammab le memory

Two state Two state Front device forward device Non-volatile memory


Small memory Programm between CPU able main memory Memory whose access time in close to processing speed of CPU Utility Programme


What provides an interface between Hardware and user RAM is known by

Language Operating Programme System Random Access Memory



Primary Memory Main Memory

Auxiliary Memory

5. 6.



1 Bytes equals to Computers carrying operation on data which can vary continuously and are measurable such as time, lengths, weights, etc. A group of conducting wires or lines over which electrical signals corresponding to data and instructions are transmitted is Which of the following is not a Programming Language

1/8 Bits Analog Computers

8 Bits 800 Bits Digital Hybrid Computers Computers

8000 Bits Non of the above













A database structures that treats files as tables is Which of following is a language A Processing system wherein data is gathered for a time and collected into a group before they are entered into the computer system. Which of the following is not property of DBMS

Relational Database

Hierarchal Network Database Database

Data Dictionary

Question BE


Question UEL


Increase data Redundancy

Integration Improved in Achieving of Data Security Data Independenc e

Increase data Redundancy


The facility which DML Pre defines the Compiler conceptual scheme and also gives some details about how to implement this scheme in the physical devise is called
Users who interact with the system by writing database application like computer aided design system are called Application Programmers

Integration Improved in Achieving of data Security Data Independenc e DDL Data Data Compiler Manipulatio definition n Language Language


Sophisticat Specializaed Nave Users ed Users Users


Groups of specially Wire Pairs wrapped and insulated wire lines that are able to transmit data at high rates

Coaxial Cable

Optical Fibers

Microwave System


Which of the following is not a type of computer network Which of the following is a DBMS Web Browser is a

Local Area Network

Metropolit City Area an Area network Network Access dBase

Wide Area Network




18. 19.


Hardware Repeater

Operating System Hug

Hyperlink Switch

Which of the Mouse following is not a device used in LAN Which of the following is not a domain name .sys






To install Sound Card multimedia facility into a computer, one does not essentially need Malicious programs Virus that damages your computer is called What is the name of Mouse the screen symbol that shows the placement of the next character Which of the following is not an impact device Which of the Joy Stick










Track Ball

Space bar


Track Ball Mouse








following file formats is used for art work A system which Dial-up involves the Connection digitization of telephone network so that voice, data, text, music etc. can be provided to end users from



Cable Modem

single end-user terminals


The two kinds of Floppy drive main memory are and CD Drive memory Data Elements of related type are grouped into A command that lets you change one or more fields in a record is Which of the following is not a search engine The floppy discs comes in two sizes they are Which of the following topology us least affected bt addition or removal of a node A host on the internet finds another host by its Which of the following browser is not free Which of the following is not the main component of EDI Title


Primary and Secondary Memory String

Random and RAM and Sequential ROM Memory Record Files








AltaVista Lycos



3.5 inch & 5.25 2 inch and 2 inch and inch 3.5 inch 4.25 inch Star Ring Mesh.

2.5 inch and 5.5 inch Bus



Postal Address I.P. Address Opera

Electronic Address

E-mail Address Lynx


Netscaffe Internet Explorer


Application Service

Processing Translation Communicat Service Service ion Serivce



Which of the following is essentially not a pre-requisite of Ecommerce

A Web Site

A shopping

To have a printer

A method to get the funds in bank account



What is the Cryptography method of safeguard used for the safeguarding highly confidential information such as Corporate data or credit card information is being transmitted across the internet What is the full High transfer form of HTML mark up language

Cart Programm e to list the products or services and a way to collect purchases informatio n Antiviral Firewall and Package Proxy Servers

Digital Certificates


URL stands for


Multimedia S/W used for video editing is

Ultimate Resource Locator Adobe Illustrator

High transmissi on metropolit an language Uniform Resource Locator Adobe Photoshop

Hyper test mark up language

Hyper text metropolitan language

Uniform Retrieval Language Adobe Premier

Ultimate Retrieval Language Macromedia Director

Objective Type Set 3

1. Which of them does not support decision making? DSS, GDSS, and ESS 2. What is primarily a stand-alone DSS that uses some type of model to perform "what-if" and other kinds of analyses? 3. This type of network is contained over a large geographic area. 1. Local area network 2. Wide area network 3. Start topology 4. None of the above 4. Starting the computer is known as the boot process. (True/False) 5. The ROM chip can be modified, removed, or rewritten by the computer user. (True/False) 6.The utility called located in the System Tools folder, allows you to select when and how often maintenance tasks are performed. 1. Disk Cleanup 2. Scheduled Tasks 3. Disk Defragmenter 4. System Restore 7. Which type of network connects each node to the next, forming a loop. 1. Star topology 2. Bus Topology 3. Ring Topology 4. All of the above 8. Which is the most common network topology where each node is connected to a switch. 1. Star topology 2. Ring topology 3. Bus topology 4. Local area network 5. Wide area network 9. The computer monitor's sharpness or clarity is referred to as its ___________ 1. Image 2. Resolution 3. Contrast 4. Setting 10. The manages the hardware components including the CPU, memory storage, and peripheral devices. 1. Operating System 2. Device Drivers 3. Motherboard 4. Ports 11. The Apple Macintosh computer, known as the Mac, is very popular in the graphic design industry. 1. True 2. False 12. Which of the following is not a way DSS, GDSS, and ESS support decision making? (a) Automate certain decision procedures (b) Provide information about different aspects of the decision situation and the decision process (c) Stimulate decision making by helping managers question decision procedures or explore different solution designs (d) Generate monthly, hardcopy reports 13. Which of the following is primarily a stand-alone DSS that uses some type of model to perform "what-if" and other kinds of analyses? (a) Model-driven. (b) Data-driven.

(c) Data mart. (d) Data warehouse. 14. The technology for finding hidden patterns and relationships in large databases and inferring rules from them to predict future behavior best describes: (a) Data warehousing. (b) Knowledge acquisition. (c) Data mining. (d) Data clustering. 15. Which of the following is NOT a type of information yielded from data mining? (a) Sequences (b) Classification (c) Clustering (d) Intelligence 16. Each of the following is a DSS component EXCEPT: (a) Database. (b) Software system. (c) User interface. (d) Inference engine. 17. Models that ask "what-if" questions repeatedly to determine the impact of changes in one or more factors on outcomes best describes: (a) Optimization analysis. (b) Sensitivity analysis. (c) Forecasting. (d) goal-seeking. 18. According to the textbook, National Gypsum uses its DSS application for: (a) Identifying customer buying patterns and fraud detection. (b) Price, advertising, and promotion selection. (c) Defense contract analysis. (d) Corporate planning and forecasting. 19. A system with software that can analyze and display data using digitized maps to enhance planning and decision making best describes: (a) Geographic information system. (b) Executive support system. (c) Demographic analysis system. (d) Location analysis system. 20. An interactive computer-based system to facilitate the solution to unstructured problems by a set of decision makers working together as a group best describes a(n): (a) Group decision-support system. (b) Decision-support system. (c) Executive support system. (d) Geographic information system. 21. GDSS software tools that allow individuals to simultaneously and anonymously contribute ideas on the meeting topics are called: (a) Electronic questionnaires. (b) Tools for voting or setting priorities. (c) Electronic brainstorming tools. (d) Idea organizers. 22. A GDSS can enhance group decision making by: (a) Improving preplanning. (b) Increasing participation. (c) Providing documentation of meetings. (d) Doing all of the above. 23. Each of the following is a basic GDSS element EXCEPT: (a) Hardware.

(b) Software tools. (c) A data warehouse. (d) A user interface. 24. Contingencies affecting the outcome of group meetings include: (a) The design of an electronic meeting system and its technology. (b) The nature of the group. (c) The manner in which the problem is presented to the group. (d) all of the above. 25. A useful tool used during the electronic meeting activity of idea generation is: (a) Group matrix. (b) Policy formation. (c) Topic commenter. (d) Personal productivity. 26. An information system at the strategic level of an organization designed to address unstructured decision making through advanced graphics and communications best described as: (a) Decision-support system. (b) Executive support system. (c) Management information system. (d) Group decision support system. 27. Business-to-Government is the sale of government resources to businesses electronically. 1. True 2. False 28. Electronic commerce is best referred to as the sale of goods electronically at the local electronic store. 1. True 2. False 29. Most large business organizations that their business model is only comprised of electronic commerce use an ERP system. 1. True 2. False 30. A is a programmable electronic device that can input, process, output, and store data. 1. Computer 2. Motherboard 3. CPU 4. Operating System 31. The nonvolatile, permanent memory that remains in the computer even when it is turned off is called: 1. ALU 2. CPU 3. RAM 4. ROM 32. The computer and equipment that connects to it are called the: 1. Motherboard 2. Software 3. Control Unit 4. Hardware 33. Which of the following do transactional e-commerce businesses provide? 1. Sale of goods and services. 2. Sale of goods only. 3. Online sale of goods. 4. Online sale of transactions. 34. Which of the following best describes a Business-to-Business? 1. Sale of goods online to a consumer. 2. Sale of goods online to many consumers. 3. Sale of goods to a business from a Brick and Mortar business. 4. Sale of goods to a business online only.

35. Electronic transfer of funds is referred to as the funds that are transfer electronically from one account to another. 1. True 2. False 36. Did mistakes in the use of management of IT play a part in the failure of Enron? Why or Why not? 37. List any two examples of business benefits of customer Relationship Management. 38. List several industries in which telecommunications would be infeasible. 39. Is "Downsizing" the same as Business Process Reengineering? (Yes/No) 40. Can a business process is reengineered without the support of information technology? Explain.

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