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HEINEMANN @ ENGLISH © LANGUAGE © PRACTICE RICHARD ACKLAM HEINEMANN Heinemann English Language Practice Series Titles in this series include: Help with Grammar 1 Will Forsyth, Sue Lavender 0.435 28118 6 Help with Grammar 2 Will Forsyth, Sue Lavender 0 435 28119 4 Help with Idioms Jane Applebee, Anton Rush 0 435 28116 X Help with Phrasal Verbs Richard Acklam (book) 0435 28114 3 (cassette) 0 435 28115 1 Help with Words Nick Hall, John Shepheard 0.435 281178 Heinemann International ‘A division of Heinemann Publishers (Oxford) Led, Malley Coury, Jordan Hill, Oxford, OX2 8E] ‘OXFORD LONDON EDINBURGH MADRID PARIS ATHENS BOLOGNA MELBOURNE SYDNEY AUCKLAND SINGAPORE TOKYO MADAN NAIROBI GABORONE HARARE PORTSMOUTH (NH) ISBN 0435 281143 Help with Phrasal Verbs s accompanied by a cassette ISBN 0 435 281151 © Richard Acklam 1992 Fiespublished 1992 ‘All sights reserved no part of chis publication may be reproduced, stored in a rerieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, phorocepying, Recording, or otherwise, wighour the prior written permission of tite Publishers. ‘Text acknowledgements Our thanks are due 10 the following for their kind permission to reproduce a text: BT, Business Catalogue Advertisement, 1989 (p 18); Collins COBUILD Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs. 1989, own up, go on 9 {p 69), ger up to, show up (p 70), talk inco, pop in (p71), tell off (p 72 Health Education Authority, A Smoker's Guide to Giving Up, “How They Gave Up' {p 35); The Independent, Summary column 14.3.90 (p 42}, Longman Dictionary fof Phrasal Verbs 1983, come into (p 69) end up 1. (p 71), R Courtney; Mary Glasgoro Publications, Practical’ English Teaching, ‘Phrasal vers - domino style’, José-Luis Ioafez and Pablo Ferrin Dengan (pp 72, 73}; by permission of Oxford Univesity Press, Oxford Dictionary of Current idiomatic English (vol. 1, Phrasal Verbs, 1975), sore out (p 70) branch aut (p71): Photograph and artwork acknowledgements ‘We would like to thank the following for permission to reproduce photographs and anrwork: AA Picture Library, terrace houses {p 49); Aquariusl® Touchstone, Disney, Dick Tracy, Coltimbo, Magnum, MCA (p 63); Pau! Freestone, children in school, schoolboy {p 30}; Health Education Authority, Giving up smoking (p 54), 1TN's Channel 4 News! Jon Snow, News presenter (p 39); Archie Miles executive woman, executive man (p 5), ‘woman, man (p 35); PA, aggressive foorball fans (p 9} PA/Tophain, Football Pools ‘winners (p 23); reproduced by permission of Praich, | fect old age creeping up on me~ i's nearly four-thirty »..(p 57}, Lnow the pet shop said he'd been well looked after but this is Fidieulous.(p53),Is it cheaper to fill up with ltrs or gallons? (p 34), They've always gor on ‘wonderfully cogether. (p 24), Your wife wants ro know if you'll agree to have him put down. (p 41 }, Well, really! You'd think by now he'd have picked up English. (p 4); Alare Spence, detached house (p 49). IMluscrarions by Sue Heap, Jane Applebee, Harriet Dell Designed by Greg Sweemam, Gina Smart Photorypeset by Tradespools Ltd, Frome, Somerset Printed and bound in Great Britain by The Bath Press, Avon 939495 961098765432 Contents Introduction for Teachers vi Introduction for Students x ‘The Grammar of Phrasal Verbs xiii 1 PickingUp 1 Theme: learning a new language Form: letter from son to parents caich onffind out/get across/get by/keep up/iook up/pick up/shut up/work out 2. Getting Through* 5 ‘Theme: arranging a meeting Form: telephone conversation between business associates call back/call offcount oniget throughfhold on/let down/put offfput through! speak up 3. Cracking Down 9 Theme: the problem of violence at football matches Form: letter to a national newspaper bring downfcome in forferack down/do away with/get away with/go upliet offf ook into/put away/rule out 4° Getting On* 13 ‘Theme: relationship problems Form: conversation between two friends get oniget overigive in/go on/go out/make out/put up with/split up/take in 5 Cutting Back 16 ‘Theme: company success and failure Form: extract from newspaper business page out bach/fall through/get round/lay off/pick up/pull out/shoot upitake off? take over REVISION ONE 21 6 Pulling Through* 25 Theme: illness Form: conversation between doctor and patient carry out/come down with/come out in/lay up/pass out/pull through? take (lime) offfwear out