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Ex-Co (2014)

Executive Committee (Session 2013)


Vision of CityUMUN

Year plan Lead the ExCos towards the same direction

Chairing the ExCos meeting

Call for ExCo meeting No voting right Facilitate the communication between each other

Reporting to Advising Team Regularly

Financial and operational situations Development of Annual Report to the Advising Team

Build relationship with other MUN clubs

Automatically become the member of Hong Kong MUN Council on behalf of CityUMUN


Internal affairs

Final approval of all documents Monitor the progress of each branch Provide solutions to each branch when they have difficulties

In the ExCo meeting

Prepare agenda to club members Explain the rules of procedure to the SG during meeting (if needed) Deliver needed documents & information to other ExCos

Other duties

Report the financial & operational situations in the ExCo meeting regularly

Academic Branch

Under-Secretary-General (Academic Head)

Person-In-Charge of all the CityUMUN academic activities Monitor the quality and the quantity of academic activities of CityUMUN Take minutes of Academic Branch meeting and report to DSG regularly

Research & Development Secretary

Plan & carry out CityUMUN Forum Plan & carry out workshops & visits regularly Plan & carry out CityU Model United Nations Conference (academic matters)

Cooperate with other MUN clubs for other academic activities

Academic Consultant

Recruit delegation teams of CityUMUN Monitor the progress of the delegation teams

Provide trainings & necessary assistance to delegation teams

Operations & Publications Branch

Under-Secretary-General (Operational Head)

Buildan image of CityUMUN to students in CityU Person-In-Charge of all the CityUMUN non-academic activities Monitor the quality and the quantity of non-academic activities Take minutes of O&P Branch meeting and report to DSG regularly

Events Management Secretary

Hold & take minutes evaluating meeting of all the activities Plan & carry out non-academic activities Plan & carry out opening & closing ceremonies and social events within the conference

Publicity & Art Secretary

Promote & interact with club members & students online Design posters and any other artwork for the promotion of CityUMUN

Finance Secretary

Keep all the goods, facilities and money

Keep record of all the financial expenses Report regularly to SG and DSG (also OGSG) Take care of the budgeting and final report

Income & Expenditure (I&E)

Accounts Payable (AP)

Accounts Receivable (AR)

Internal Secretary

Keeps record of all the documents in a systematical way

Make reservation (from SDS/SU) Email management (e.g. Orders emails into different categories)

Keep records updated

Take minutes at meetings

Rules and Regulation

REPLY EMAILSSSS! Attend 80% of meetings

Stay in Hong Kong during summer holiday

Meet deadlinesssss!! Be responsible!!



Ex-Co meeting x 1 / month (minimum)


1 @ CityU (Regardless of the scale)

Delegation teams to MUN Conference

1 local or overseas conference


First round interview

Date: 2 November 2013

Time: 19:00 21:00 Interviewer: ExCos of CityUMUN

Content: Individual & Group

Your visions & passions towards CityUMUN English proficiency Experience in the pass Sensitivity to current affairs

Reminder: reserve your night time right after the interview

Second round interview

Date: 2 November 22 November 2013

Content & details: announce after the interview

Leadership skills Time management skills Collaboration skills Different kind of technical skills Ability in handling pressures


Being Dais team members

Training: 9 November 2013 Content:


Rules of procedures
UN papers & researching skills