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[Idea Titile] Business Plan Presentation

[Presentor_name] [Other_Team_Members_name]
Note: Slides should not exceed 7 (including this and the thank you slide) Total Time 7 mins (5 mins presentation & 2 min Q&A) Give a 30 sec Elevator Pitch on this slide

Market Need
What is the problem or unmet need that your plan solves

Target Customers and Market Size

Market Size, Target Market, Opportunity Size List the type of customers who want a solution to the problem For each type of customers indicate the market size and also the total size

Your Solution
Briefly describer your solution Describe your competitive advantage Describe the Value Proposition What economic benefit does your solution provide to the customers

Business Model, Go-to-Market Strategy and key Risks

Describe your business Model Especially how will you make money Describe your Go-to-Market Strategy how will your target customers find out what you are offering (product/service) Indicate Key risks to your business and the mitigation strategies for the same

Financials and Exit Strategy

Financial Projections
Year 1 Total Revenues Gross Profit Net Income Investment Needed Exit Strategy Sale, Merger, IPO Year 2 Year 3

Note: On this slide give a summary