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: MOHAMED ELSAAD Real time abdominal &pelvic US examination revealed: - Liver: Average-sized liver with normal parenchymal echopattern , no focal lesions seen. No dilatation of the intra hepatic biliary or portal vein radicals. Portal vein diameter 8.7 mm ( normal up to 10.8 mm), Common bile duct : not dilated. - GB: Normal with no mud or stones. - Spleen: Normal ( 10.4 cm) with no focal lesions. - pancreas and midline structures are normal. - Kidneys: Both are of normal shape , size , parenchymal thickness and echogencity. No stones or back-pressure changes. Right kidney 97 X 41 mm. Left kidney 93 X 46 mm. - No ascites. - UB: The urinary bladder is of normal shape and size with no focal or diffuse masses seen. Pre-void amount of urine :254 ml & post-void amount :20 ml. - Prostate: Normal in size for age measuring 30 X 20 X 19 mm . prostatic volume 6 cu cm. Opinion: Normal abdominal &pelvic US findings.

Yours truly
Dr.Khalid Darweesh

Prof .Dr. Ihab Ismail