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MATERIAL AND METALLURGICAL SCIENCE ; S.J. SHANTHA KUMAR BE, MS. rg), OPM. MAE. © copyihe AM rigs rsred let Baton, Jay 1909 ‘Thi ok ray part thr fcnat be repre Femizion othe thr ad toe pune eet 87 em without the writen - PREFACE. ‘This book has boon prepared to cater the needs Price +e 100 of students of Mechanical, Production, Manufacturing and Industrial engineering, branches, ‘Fhe main objective of this book is to introduce the undergraduate students into the ever growing field of material and metallurgical science, Pattie by Anuradha Agence Ela tne, An attempt has been made to give wide coverage Kombonea of all topics to the depth needed for undergraduate PIN : 612 605 ” students. Emphasis has been given to present the (04866 - 62237 ‘matter in a very simple language. A number of solved tramples have been included which will help the aver Typecting ty Abshayen Dre. students understand the subject better. 52, aban Salas KK. Nagar (West), | ‘Suggestions from readers and users of this book Near * Aten Ko, ee rere Phones o4” 0 2064 Printed Sonkar Printers, Chennai IR OO © © © © © 0 & © 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-05050-9> (CHAPTER ~1 ATOMIC THEORY AND ‘CRYSTALLOGRAPHY 1.1 CRYSTAL DEFECTS OR CRYSTAL IAPRRFECTIONS 118 SINGLE CRYSTALS, POLYCRYSTALS AND NON CRYSTALS 19 TOLYMORPHISK AND ALLOTROPY