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Yutong Chen

3900 Lunar Drive Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86406-4437 Phone (602) 550-5292 ychen322@asu.edu _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Career Summary Dual degrees in management and global leadership, including study abroad in Czech Republic; self-motivated; achievement oriented; fluency in Mandarin Chinese _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION W.P Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, Tempe May 2016 Barrett, The Honors College GPA: 3.68 Bachelor of Science, Management Bachelor of Arts, Global Leadership Certificate in International Business Studies New American University Deans Award, ASU Alumni Association Medallion Scholarship, W. P. Carey Study Abroad Scholarship International Business in Prague, University of Economics, Prague Summer 2013

______________________________________________________________________________________________________ LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE Students Toward Educational Progress, The Multicultural Honor Society (STEP), Tempe Academics and Membership Director August 2012 May 2013 Scheduled speakers for meetings and kept records of transcripts using communication, organization, and planning skills Vice President August 2013 - Present Organized meetings and helped president by using teamwork and leadership skills Asian Business Leaders Association (ABLA), Tempe V. P. of Project Management August 2013 - Present Assigned committees and helped organize signature events by using communication, organization, and leadership skills ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ORGANIZATIONS Medallion Scholarship Program, Tempe August 2012 - Present ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ VOLUNTEER WORK/COMMUNITY SERVICE Finger Paint the A, Medallion Scholarship Program, Tempe April 2013 Set up the event and helped to paint the A by using teamwork skills ASU Care Day Volunteer, Medallion Scholarship Program, Tempe Collected oranges for local uses by using teamwork skills Holiday Pet Festival Volunteer, Tranquility Trail Animal Sanctuary, Scottsdale Helped set up event using organization skills Package Pickup for Color Me Rad, Color Me Rad, Peoria Provided enrollment package to over 600 people in three hours using communication skills College Day Volunteer, STEP, Tempe Arranged tour guides to show Barrett, The Honors College for College Day Homecoming Volunteer, Medallion Scholarship Program, Tempe Welcomed visitors and gave out prizes by using communication skills March 2013

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______________________________________________________________________________________________________ SKILLS Fluent in Mandarin Chinese Microsoft Office skills