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How to do Good Gulpapde for Mangala Gowri Vrata or any Devi Pooja….

Mulakanaadu people - We call it as Gulpapta. This Gulpapta is distributed among married woman after
the Pooja along with taambula and kadige during Mangala Gowri Vrata or during any Devi festival or
suvasini /Kumari Pooja.

Things Required:

? Godhi Hittu – 1 Big South Indian coffee Cup

? Bella - Jageri – 1 Achu-Big
? Tuppa – ¼ Cup. (It could be all Pure Ghee or swalpa yenne and more of pure ghee)
? Sakkare – Swalpa (optional only – not a must)
? Yelakki (Cardamom) swalpa. (kuttiruvudu)

Method of Preparation:

? Take a Frying Pan –Dry it on the stove and put one cup of Godhi Hittu and Fry it to Brown in sim.
? Take 1 Acchu Bella and Smash it with Gunda rayi and put it in a vessel with thick bottom or
cooker PAN (small).
? Keep Jaggery on the stove and add very little of water – say ½ cup so as the jaggery(bella) to
dissolve and let one boil come . (Do not wait too much, otherwise, it will become paaka. Wait
for only one boil). Sim the stove.
? Add little bit of Vanaspathi Ghee (or Pure Ghee), Sakkare Swalpa and Yelakki (cardamom) for
? Now put the Godhi Hittu on a news paper and keep this news paper in your left hand and slowly
pour this Hittu in a thin line in to the pan while stirring the jiggery from right hand in a fast
manner, so as not to develop gantu. (Use the Wooden kolu type – and stir like when you make
for ragi ball.)
? Now add more Oil or Ghee on the top.

Let the Stove be in SIM mode. Keep stirring for some time as the Godhi Hittu should mix well with
jaggery. And hasi vasane should go…. Godhi Hittu should not stick to the pan. Ensure jiddu is there
up to that extent. Keep it down.

? Smear Ghee on your both the hands and take Small amount off Hittu from the pan and make
Unde type while it is hot only and keep it aside.
? 16 Nos. for Nivedya and 16 small goli type under for deepas.


? If the water and jiddu is too less, then the unde will be very hard.
? If Jiddu is too much, then you can’t make unde. Jiddu Qty should not exceed ¼ cup.
? If you delay in making unde, problems may come.
? Ensure proper Qty of Water and Jiddu to ensure smooth unde.
? Keep stove in medium burn all the time. Or even sim is ok.
? The whole preparation takes about 15 Minutes.

Sarve janah sukhino Bhavantu

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