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LG - GOLDE N E YE Non product

1.Price=affordable for

middle class family
Brand recognition-Good people view family
marketing, good channel 5-6 hours a
advertising, sponsor of day
many program me 3.Usage
Attributes=r imaginary=there is
BRAND AWARE: elated no/less harmful impact
Highly aware by qualities of Product
on eyes
a large customer LG golden related=1.Form
Brand recall:-Short variants=cover less
group because: name easy to recall & eye
television area, flat TV ,less
memorized (life is weight
good) 2.Property=Golden eye
Types of brand tech , XD technology
association------- Attitudes= 3.size=nominal(20”,21
more useful ”), portable , mega size
Favorability of & affordable 4.Style=royal looking ,
BRAND brand for every flat screen , modern
KNOWLEDGE: association=bes class
•Golden eye function
- t economy & •220 channels
performance •Resolution of picture

Strength of Benefits=the
Brand brand re are some
image=creation of image=large Experiential=feeling of
brand image by 4 market share delight, makes
associated features ,hi-tech brand everything you watch
which makes
Uniqueness of alive
it a brand
brand=technolo product
gy used ,sound
,flat screen Symbolic=
,stylish product
Surf Non product
Price:-afordable by
middle class families

Ex el
Brand recognition-
imaginary=Wash the
clothes with good
Advertisement, performance detergent
Sponsorship 3.Usage
Etc. imaginary=there is no
Attributes=r harmful impact on
BRAND AWARE: elated hands
Highly aware by qualities of Product
Easy to use
a large customer Surf exel related=1.Form
group because: variants=available in
Brand recall:-Logo, different packs
Tag line 2.Property=Blue Cristel
( daag acche hai ) 3.size=one &3.3 kg,
Types of brand mega size, Bucket
association------- Attitudes=it pack
s easy to 4.Style=designing
Favorability of uses, packing , modern style
BRAND brand More etc.
Functional= good
KNOWLEDGE: association=Exe varieties,
performance, washing
- llence in Feeling
the clothes, now daag
performance, good
acche hai
User friendly
Strength of Benefits=the
Brand brand se are some
image=creation of image=more Experiential=supreme
benefits who
brand image by 4 than 5 cleanness, whiteness
make it
associated features, Types of Good status
these are:- packets:- Quick
Wash Freshness
Combi Pack 
Blue Bucket of Symbolic=log
Pack  exel
Bar Mesh Pack